NewEconoLabs have released a TestNet version of the forthcoming NEO Name Service application, which is a decentralized domain name service based on the NEO blockchain. Users who register a name on the TestNet platform will be eligible to receive 50 NNC tokens.

NEO Name Service will allow users to purchase domain names with a .neo top level domain (TLD). The names can then be used as an alias for public keys and smart contract addresses, to improve the usability of of the blockchain. Instead of a long and complicated string, users will be able to send funds to an easily recognisable name such as “banana.neo”.

In the future, NewEconoLabs hope to support DNS services so the .neo TLD can also be used for web addresses and emails.

The TestNet version of NEO Name Service features a .test TLD, and can be accessed via:

The live version of NEO Name Service will employ a bidding system for the registration of names, however the TestNet version will distribute names on a first come, first serve basis. The purpose of opening the TestNet deployment to the public is to help the development team find additional bugs and improve the user experience before launch.

Every user who successfully registers a .test domain will be eligible for 50 NNC tokens. Holders of NNC tokens will receive dividends on GAS income collected through the registration and renewal fees of the platform. NewEconoLabs will not be holding a token sale for NEO Name Service.

The .test names are for test purposes only and ownership will not be carried onto the MainNet release.

Instructions on how to register a .test domain and claim 50 NNC can be found on the NEO Name Service Medium post:

More information on NewEconoLabs and NEO Name Service can be found at the links below.