City of Zion have released Neon Wallet v0.2.5. It can be downloaded from the following link –

Bug fixes and updates include –


  • Switched over all API calls to exclusively use Neoscan (previously load balanced between neoscan and neonDB). This should result in more successful transactions, claims, and claim calculations, as well as having fewer API error responses.
  • Updated transaction history to use faster Neoscan API endpoint.
  • Improved error messaging for failed GAS claims.
  • Added scripthash for MCT (Master Contract Token).
  • Added scripthash for GDM (Guardium).
  • Added scripthash for PKC (PikcoChain).
  • Added scripthash for AVA (Travala).
  • Added scripthash for SWTH (Switcheo).


  • Removed “1 drop of GAS” messaging for NEP-5 token transfers. (This requirement was removed in the previous release, but the messaging was unintentionally left in.)

City of Zion co-founder Fabio Canesin has flagged that this is part of ongoing upgrades, and user should expect frequent updates over the coming weeks.