Alphacat recently announced their ACAT token will be listed for trading on the Switcheo decentralized exchange. The listing was scheduled for May 21st, however, Alphacat have since flagged that maintenance and upgrades to the Switcheo platform are likely to delay the listing.

Alphacat is a robot-advisor marketplace powered by artificial intelligence and big data. Alphacat has recently released its BTC daily prediction forecast to a closed group of early supporters, and will be be opening access to its NEO, ETH and EOS daily forecasts before the end of July.

Switcheo is one of three exchanges with which Alphacat has purportedly reached an agreement, with HitBTC and listings said to be coming soon. 

Switcheo V2 Smart Contract Update

Switcheo began upgrading to their v2 smart contract on May 13. During the upgrade, the development team discovered an issue with the SWH tokens that may cause obstacles in the future. As the team has always planned to do a token upgrade to support cross-chain capabilities, they opted go ahead and replace SWH tokens for the new SWTH token. Switcheo also released a guide on how to swap SWH to SWTH tokens.

Trading resumed 17th May 2018 at 3:30PM SGT (+8 UTC).

Alphacat will announce the new listing date of their ACAT token on Switcheo.

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