NewEconoLabs (NEL) has released its second bi-monthly report for October. Highlights include developer incentive rewards, browser updates, tool development, NEL lab research, ZoroChain progress, and CryptoGladiator progress.

NEL’s developer incentive program was designed to reward individuals who make code contributions in the NEL GitHub repositories. A contributor who goes by Merl11 provided an update for implementing a domain name ownership transfer function at the front end of nel-wallet-main. For their contribution, Merl11 was rewarded with 1,000 NNC.

The NEL contract compilation tool for Neon has been upgraded to the latest version. NEL_CLI was upgraded to v2.8, and the v2.9 upgrade is approximately 30% complete. Additionally, the NEO Smart Contract online debugger is finished, and the team is working on the UI.

NEL is also developing its browser v2.0, which will have improved UI and improved compatibility with mobile devices.

NEL also reported that NEL Lab researchers have began studying Bancor contracts, which provide “tokens with built-in convertibility directly through their smart contracts.”

BlaCat progress over the previous few weeks has included the completion of mapping wallet recharge function, support to purchase GAS and BCP with Bitcoin and Ethereum, optimization of multiple languages on the gaming forum, completion of the exchange design, and ability to purchase tokens from the BlaCat wallet.

ZoroChain improvements include modification of the NEO code for RPC-ready transaction tests, block non-synchronization issue fixes, BlaCat SDK implementation for Android, familiarization of Bancor contracts in the BlaCat Exchange, completion of the ZoroChain data explorer display page, and high-concurrency test completion.

Lastly, v1.0 Genesis chapter’s for CryptoGladiators’ on-chain and off-chain structure has been confirmed. Additionally, the system game design outline has been completed.

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