Support for NEO was recently added to the SWFT Blockchain platform, which aims to be a “next-generation blockchain global transfer agreement” platform. NEO joins over 200 other coins and tokens supported by the cross-chain trading wallet and payments network.

Support for NEO on the SWFT Blockchain platform includes instant swaps, payments, and Red Packets. Red Packets are protocols that allow for a user to share a coin or token with friends in a randomly distributed manner (called “lucky”) or an evenly distributed way (called “set amount”).

About SWFT Blockchain

SWFT Blockchain was founded in the Fall of 2017 and is among the first startup companies that came out of the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator.

The SWFT Blockchain platform seeks to offer direct swaps between any two tokens (without using BTC, ETH, or USDT as intermediaries) and find the best rates among exchanges. The platform offers 0.1% transaction fees when using the SWFT coin, and 0.2% when using other coins/tokens for swaps. Lastly, the app aims to provide fast transactions secured by cold wallets, two-factor authentication, and touch/face ID.

The SWFT Pay system claims to be a “one-stop instant exchange, payment aggregation platform with access to all major cryptocurrencies payment channels and with 99.99% system availability.” SWFT Pay can be used to make payments via social media, payments via QR codes, e-commerce payments, and offers an API.

At the time of press, the SWFT Blockchain conducted more than 10,000 swaps, sent 7.5 BTC via SWFT Pay and Red Packets, and processed more than 3,000 payments in the previous 24 hours. The platform had an overall transaction time of 8 seconds.

The SWFT Blockchain is available for Android, iOS, and a web portal.

The announcement can be found at the link below: