Neo NEXT, a Chinese-based Neo developer community group, recently updated its NeoLine mobile wallet to v1.3 for Android and v1.5.1 for iOS, and will participate in the upcoming NeoLive English-based AMA.

The update incorporates information columns for news feeds, a decentralized application browsing section, and other functions into the app.

The newly added information columns offer a space to display news in English and Chinese. The “news flash” and community sections are in the Chinese version, designed to provide blockchain industry news updated in real-time and offer updates from the NEXT community. The English version offers a Featured feed, as well as a Twitter feed, to “connect overseas industry information and Neo overseas community developments.”

English news feeds on NeoLine

The NeoLine update also includes the addition of an app section to increase access to products in the Neo ecosystem. The app section offers the ability for users to search for dApps, view dApp use statistics, and easily connect with third-party dApps. Users can also distribute the dApp to those in their network via the “Share” button. To suggest new dApps, users can contact the NeoLine wallet customer service via @shanglian1423 on WeChat.

In addition to the recent upgrades, the NeoLine wallet offers support for multiple address management, CNY/USD exchange rate conversion, multi-language switching, and embedded block data query function.


On Thursday, January 9th, the founder of Neo NEXT and NeoLine, Edison, will participate in the English-based NeoLive AMA on the official Neo Telegram channel. Edison aims to discuss how NeoLine and Neo NEXT are helping to pave the way in building the next-generation internet (NGI).

NeoLive will begin at 2:00 pm (UTC+8) and runs for approximately one hour.

The NeoLive update can be found at the link below: