On Thursday, January 9th, NEXT participated in Neo Global Development’s (NGD) English Neo Live event. Neo Live is an Ask Me Anything (AMA) style community event that takes place on the official Neo Telegram channel.

NEXT founder, Edison Chen, joined the AMA to discuss the NeoLine wallet, support for services and functionality, NEXT’s goals for 2020, and the upcoming launch of Endorsit on Neo, of which Edison claims currently has one million users.

The full transcript can be found below:

Songping Que (NGD marketing manager): Hi everyone, welcome to the NeoLive on Telegram! This is Songping Que from the Neo marketing team. I will be your host today.

For anyone who wants to ask new questions, to make it easy for the team to trace the question, please kindly number your questions, following the previous. Please keep the questions about NeoLine, we will remain the right to select the questions. Also, the team won’t make comments on the token price.

Edison Chen (NEXT founder): Hello everyone, I am Edison, the founder of the NEXT community and a blockchain industry player for many years.

NEXT is a technology community that helps developers develop infrastructure and dApps on the Neo blockchain. It was established in 2017.

As a technical community, our goal is to promote more developers to develop high-quality dApps on Neo. In particular, it is encouraged to support projects that integrate Neo with real economy and internet products, which can bring practical effects to people’s lives.

Since its establishment, the products of our community have also proved that we have been working hard in this direction.

Products developed by NEXT include the NeoLine wallet plugin, NeoLine mobile wallet, neodapp.store (an application distribution platform based on Neo blockchain), block browser NeoTube, and the Forpay asset custody system.

Today I will mainly talk about NeoLine mobile wallet.

Source: NEXT

NeoLine: A safe, friendly, and professional Neo mobile light wallet, officially launched the global public beta in November 19th, 2019. It supports creation, import, and export of wallets; supports multi-address management, supports CNY / USD exchange rate conversion, and multi-language switching. In order to make it easy for everyone to enter the wallet quickly, we have also added fingerprint recognition / face recognition function, and embedded block data query function, dApp interface and information interface.

Source: NEXT

Source: NEXT

The dApp interface and information interface are new features that we launched recently. Enter the dApp page, and Neo’s high-quality dApps will be displayed here at a glance. The information interface is mainly connected with overseas industry information and Neo overseas community trends, so that everyone can learn about Neo the first time, and find information on the activities of the project parties and the community.

In fact, we released the NeoLine wallet plugin first, and then the mobile wallet. Our wallet plugin was launched in April 2019 and is the first Chrome extension to support the Neo network.

Source: NEXT

With the NeoLine wallet plug-in, you can achieve a seamless connection between the browser and Neo, allowing everyone to complete the wallet functions such as viewing, transferring, and browsing transaction records of Neo’s entire assets in the same way as normal web pages. In addition, it provides dAPI for dApp developers – a lightweight JS library that can be quickly accessed and is fully documented. It makes the connection between dApp and wallet more flexible and a more highly formatted communication method. It greatly reduced the threshold for transferring funds and executing smart contracts between developers and Neo, and between dApp providers and users.

Source: NEXT

Our next goal is to provide more convenient Neo financial purchase services, such as decentralized financing and transactions, and other Neo blockchain services.

We want to make NeoLine the most user-friendly, most convenient and perfect secure Neo wallet.

This concludes my sharing, everyone is free to ask questions!

Songping: Thank you, Edison! For anyone who wants to ask new questions, to make it easy for the team to trace the question, please kindly number your questions, following the previous. Please keep the questions about NeoLine, we will remain the right to select the questions. Also the team won’t make comments on the token price.

Also, Edison will pick the four best questions by end of the session today. 10 GAS will be rewarded to users through the NeoLine wallet.

Q1: Where is your team based?

Edison: Hangzhou, China.

Q2: Is your mobile wallet Android and iOS?

Edison: Yes.

Q3: What stack are they using? Are they react native?

Edison: Web extension: Angular.

iOS and Android: Swift / Kotlin.

Q4: Are there any dApps with NeoLine dAPI support already?

Edison: Yes there are already some. For example, dex.top.

Q5: Have you considered any methods for hardware wallet support?

Edison: The plan is to refine other features first, perhaps starting in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Q6: When shall we expect the next updated version of NeoLine, and what new features will be added?

Edison: The current version of NeoLine already contains a lot of convenient services. The next important version will provide a series of convenient financial services, such as convenient buying of NEO, asset management, etc., which is what most people want.

Q7: Have you started on working on Neo3 support?

Edison: Just started. We will be online to test network support for Neo3 around the second quarter of 2020.

Q8: Who do you think are the wallet’s main competitors? What is your plan to make NeoLine the best wallet product?

Edison: I think that crypto asset wallets are only beginning to be accepted by people, so there are no competitors to a certain extent, and there are only learning and threshold problems encountered from the transition from traditional financial services.

So, the best wallet products must be for ordinary users, user-friendly, easy to learn and get started, and as easy to use as traditional products; so we always work around this goal.

Q9: When did you start being interested in Neo?

Edison: At the beginning of 2017.

Q10: For iOS/Android versions, are you or do you expect to be available on the app stores this year? If so, any target for when?

Edison: The iOS version is already on the app store, you can search and download it, and it will be updated automatically every time.

Android is also available in many app stores, such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo, and Google Play.

Q11: How does NeoLine ensure “asset safety”?

Edison: We attach great importance to security issues, which is the basis; NeoLine is a gradually open source, secure wallet that can be tested by third parties, and all encryption rules can be tested.

Q12: Does Neo3 do DeFi?

Edison: That’s a question you should probably ask the Neo Foundation, and we’ll follow them with updates and support.

Q13: I heard that there are many brilliant developers with rich developing experience in the NEXT community. Can you give a intro to your team?

Edison: The developer team of the NEXT community has made great progress in 2019. Our core developers are engineers from Alibaba, Huawei, and Louis Vuitton Japan.

Q14: What is NeoLine’s plan for 2020? Would you mind providing us a peek at the any product in the pipeline for 2020?

Edison: NeoLine will make a three-phase development plan around the Neo blockchain in 2020.

Q1-Q2 2020 enables NeoLine to provide the most friendly and convenient wallet service.

Q3 2020 launches related financial services.

Q4 2020 launches more decentralized life application interaction services, lets NEO holders better understand Neo blockchain.

There will be more products in 2020. What I am most looking forward to, and also willing to disclose here is that a development team has spent a lot of effort to build a “Twitter” based on the Neo blockchain, and they have more than one million users now, and everyone can look forward to it together.

Its name is “Endorsit” (赞我).

Q15: Why NEO and not ETH for example?

Edison: Haha, a nice question!

We think the underlying mechanism of Neo is more consistent with blockchain support for large-scale commercial applications.

For example, when we wanted to make a social product, token could not be supported on ETH.

Q16: What are the features and purposes of the NeoLine wallet?

Edison: The purpose of the NeoLine wallet is to be friendly to ordinary users and NEO holders, to provide the most convenient and easiest to use Neo blockchain services, of course, everything is based on secure and professional technical support.

Q17: What about funding, how do you sustain having many developers in this market?

Edison: In terms of funding, first of all, most developers are in distributed offices, voluntary organizations.

Second, the Neo Foundation supports development teams that contribute.

Third, the company I founded has other business profits that can be spent.

Q18: What do you think is the most important aspect that will drive adoption for your products besides good UX/ease of use – how do you attract those that are currently not cryptoheads?

Edison: Security is trusted to provide one-stop service.

Q19: To add on your “Twitter” project, can you explain further about the benefits building a social communication tool on blockchain?

Edison: Two of the most important benefits:

First, it’s easier to trade/pay.

Second, important information data is more secure.

Q20: Do you have any plans to expand to other blockchains in the future?

Edison: Not yet. We are focused on providing the best service for NEO users/holders.

Songping: Hey, guys, we are close to end of the session now. Thanks Edison for the sharing and answering, and thank you everyone for your great input today.

So, Edison, which four questions will you pick then?

Edison: Thanks for your attention.

Q2, Q5, Q6, and Q15.

And, Q7.

Songping: How shall they claim the GAS?

Edison: Provide me with your NeoLine wallet address, we will reward everyone with 10 GAS each!

NeoLine Wallet download address: https://neoline.cn.

We will give each of the questioners 10 gas.

Keep an eye out for NeoLine as we continue to offer more great services.

Also, prizes and activities!

Note: Some edits have been made for formatting and readability. The full conversation can be found at https://t.me/NEO_EN/36744.