Neo has announced it is joining the Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN), part of China’s national initiative designed to boost the integration and adoption of blockchain in enterprise, small business, and local government. Neo is among the first batch of public blockchain platforms to partner with BSN and aims to become one of the technological pillars of the service network.

Neo establishing cross-industry partnerships

The collaboration between the two entities is part of Neo’s broader vision of establishing platform-neutral relationships across various verticals – a strategy that has been exhibited by Neo recently joining the InterWork Alliance (IWA) as a founding sponsor member alongside Microsoft, Accenture, SDX, and Digital Asset, to realize its vision of the “next-generation internet” (NGI).

On joining the BSN, Neo co-founder, Da Hongfei, said:

At our core, Neo is fundamentally committed to realizing a platform-neutral and fully digitized world to overcome the limitations of our current paradigm. As such, we look forward to overcoming the challenges facing mainstream blockchain while fostering cross-industry collaboration. Hand-in-hand with our partners, I am confident that we will realize mass adoption of blockchain and build the smart economy of the future.

What is BSN?

The BSN is a “cross-cloud, cross-portal, cross-framework global public infrastructure network used to deploy and operate all types of blockchain applications. [It is] formed by the connection of all cloud resources and data centers using a set of blockchain operating environment protocols.”

Much like how the internet is a network comprised of cloud and data centers using the TCP/IP protocol, BSN aims to emulate a similar structure with cloud and data centers via blockchain operating environment protocols. It is claimed the network will reduce costs of development, deployment, operation, maintenance, connectivity, and supervision of blockchain applications.

Currently, participants on BSN’s infrastructure include consortium blockchain frameworks such as Hyperledger Fabric, FISCO BCOS, and Baidu’s Xuperchain. In addition, BSN has also partnered with the Chinese State Information Center, China UnionPay, and China Mobile.

Alongside Neo, the BSN is integrating support for the EOS, Ethereum, Tezos, Nervos, and IRISnet public blockchain networks.

Compared to its market competition, BSN claims to reduce operating costs for blockchain applications by 80%, to approximately US $150 – $300 a year. Further, the network aims to lower entry barriers for dApp development by minimizing the need to learn specific blockchain-related programming languages.

BSN’s global portal is scheduled to launch on August 10th, at which point users will be able to integrate with Neo nodes on both MainNet and TestNet. Public chain services will only be available on portals hosted outside of China.

Neo technology support

The BSN will feature on demand Neo node deployment for both MainNet and TestNet, promising a “high-performance and high-availability Neo node service environment.” It will also provide front-end systems with access to nodes and Neo SDKs for a convent developer experience. Finally, it will integrate with Neo middleware service components and provide gateways to improve development efficiency.

At the core of the partnership, both entities share a common vision of mass adoption by creating a smarter economy for the 21st century. Neo and BSN intend to do so by removing high barriers to developing blockchain-based solutions and creating a smoother development experience.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: