Neo has released v3.1.0 of Neo-CLI. The N3 TestNet will be upgraded to the new version on Dec. 6, with MainNet to follow after two weeks assuming no issues are revealed during testing.

v3.1.0 is the first to be based on .NET 6, the latest version of the framework with long-term support. Developers using Neo-CLI will need to update the .NET SDK accordingly.

Improvements include a new cache for uncompressed ECPoint keys to improve TPS and sync speed, TaskManager optimizations, a diagnostic for the ApplicationEngine, and new WitnessScope functionality.

In the current version of Neo N3, there are five WitnessScopes. WitnessScopes provide security for users by limiting how each transaction signature can be used.

In v3.1.0, the new Rules scope allows multiple scopes and boolean conditions to be combined. This provides more flexibility and safety to users while covering edge cases for scopes involving sets of contracts. An introduction to Witness Scopes and the new changes can be found in a recent article published by Neo SPCC.

A new module, TokensTracker, was also created for use with the latest node version. TokensTracker is the new home of the NEP-17 token tracking logic and also includes support for monitoring NEP-11 assets. Node runners can customize whether they wish to track one or both assets via the module’s config file.

Since v3.1.0 is compatible with the previous version of Neo, no chain data resync is required unless the new TokensTracker module is being used.

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