On July 6th, NeoResearch, a Latin America-based NEO development community, hosted a NEO community meetup in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The community event offered an overview discussion of the NEO blockchain, which was followed by a presentation on NEO3, then a workshop. In attendance were representatives from NeoResearch and Nash Exchange.

The community meetup was hosted by NeoResearch founders Igor Coelho, Vitor Coelho, and Thays Oliveira, alongside Simpli Technologies Inc. representatives Ricardo Prado, and Rodrigo Benez. Additionally, Luciano Engel, of COZ and Nash Exchange, attended the community meetup.

The event began with a round table discussion about the core functionality of blockchain, facilitated by Alex Braz of Blockchain Academy. The first segment of the community event allowed the audience to interact with the instructors.

neoresearch community meetup event sao paul brazil

Source: NeoResearch

Afterward, the Coelho brothers delivered a brief presentation, which introduced upcoming NEO3 improvements and discussed further details of its development. NEO3 is an optimized version of the current NEO 2.x protocol that aims to add new functionality and allow the blockchain to support large-scale commercial applications.

Following the NEO3 presentation, attendees divided into two groups based upon their knowledge of blockchain. The first group consisted primarily of individuals who have had minimal blockchain interaction, whereas the second group included blockchain developers, engineers, and business leaders.

In a conversation with NEO News Today, NeoResearch co-founder and media manager Thays Oliveira said:

The workshops focused mainly on practical issues using online compilers and online testing tools without any pre-existing setup, which allowed for some high-level concepts of the NEO blockchain to be tackled.

Though the workshops weren’t only a hands-on coding lesson, Oliveira iterated “[the workshop had] abstract discussions about how the core of blockchains work and what are the possible directions that NEO will approach in the next upcoming months.”

neoresearch community event brazil attendees

Source: NeoResearch

The event closed out with a question and answer session packed with discussions, followed by cocktails and networking after the day-long meetup.