NEO Colorado has announced its next event will take place in Boulder, Colorado on Tuesday, July 30th. NEO ecosystem developers Tyler Adams, COZ and Moonlight co-founder, and Alex Fragapane, NEO•ONE developer, will be on-hand for an informal ‘meet and greet’ with the Colorado Blockchain community.

In June, NEO Colorado hosted a developer workshop where Alex Fragapane offered a variety of coding scenarios for the interactive event. Participants opted to design escrow contracts, which included creating a new smart contract to interface with an already existing token smart contract.

The upcoming event offers a forum for NEO community members, local blockchain developers, and people with a general interest to interact with devs that build in the NEO ecosystem daily.

Participants with any level of blockchain and NEO knowledge are welcome to attend.

Meet and Greet Event Details

The meet and greet will take place at Boulder Beer Company in Boulder, Colorado.

As a sign of appreciation, the first round of drinks is on NEO Colorado.

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

2880 Wilderness Place
Boulder, Colorado

There is no cost to attend the NEO Colorado event.

COZ, Moonlight, and NEO•ONE

COZ is an international open-source developer community that was among the first to establish a relationship with the NEO founders. The development group got their start translating NEO documentation into various languages, and eventually began to develop and maintain core tools in the NEO ecosystem. Notable projects include the Neon Wallet, and neo-python, a Python Node and SDK for the NEO blockchain.

Moonlight is building a freelance workforce platform on the NEO blockchain, focussed on recruiting and workforce scaling solutions. Moonlight will feature a matchmaking algorithm that will provide recommendations for job providers looking for an employee based on skillsets. The platform is also implementing remittance services, project crowdfunding functionality, and project tracking tools.

NEO•ONE is an end-to-end smart contract framework that aims to make it easy for users to create dApps on the NEO platform. The five-person team behind NEO•ONE is the same that designed the NEO blockchain explorer, NEO Tracker. The framework offers “idiomatic TypeScript smart contracts that look, feel and work just like a normal TypeScript program.”

The event RSVP can be found at the link below: