Magic Cube, a project that aims to create a decentralized gaming and entertainment ecosystem, has released its June progress review. The report noted three new games added to the Magic Cube exchange, and offered commentary on the ecosystem’s development.

Public Outreach

The June report opened with a focus on Magic Cube’s publicity efforts, including interviews, conference participation, and an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. Magic Cube CEO and founder Rudy Rong participated in multiple interviews in June with media outlets such as 36kr.

In the 36kr interview, Rong focused on highlighting Magic Cube’s core goal to overcome development bottlenecks in the gaming industry. Rong also outlined the team’s vision for the future of the platform:

“[Magic Cube], as a decentralized blockchain-based entertainment ecosystem, uses user’s natural content consumption as value support, securitizes user’s behavior, and then constructs a game ecology [utilizing] exchanges and digital asset wallets to create a MC world in which everyone is the protagonist. Magic Cube’s vision for the future is to become the creator, builder and preacher of a decentralized autonomous ecosystem.”

Crypto Exchange and Information Platform Listings

Following its May listing on the BitMart Exchange with ETH and BMX trading pairs, Magic Cube held an MCC token pre-sale on Coinsuper. The event ran between June 28th and 29th and offered a 30% discount to investors. Following the event, the MCC token was officially launched on the exchange, available for trading against ETH.

During June, the MCC token was also listed on the CoinGecko, MyToken, and AIcoin platforms. These platforms specialize in digital asset market data and analysis, aiming to meet the needs of users that wish to keep up to date with the latest information on their tokens.

Game Listings

Magic Cube also announced that it had added three new games to its token exchange: Sword World, Crazy Fishing, and Fighting Landlords. According to the team, users may use the exchange to download the games, where tokens can be mined and traded.

Sword World is a 3D martial arts MMO adventure game, available both online and on mobile devices. Set in the historical period of the late Qin dynasty, the game has a PvP focus with a “real-time combat experience.”

Crazy Fishing is reportedly a casual game that is claimed to have 10,300 users. Players are granted a limited number of bombs to use to catch fish and receive gold coins. According to Magic Cube, catching the fish is a technical activity that challenges users to beat their high scores.

Fighting Landlords is reportedly the platform’s most popular mobile game, with regular TV invitational tournaments being hosted with prizes including Apple products and 10,000 CNY payouts. Based on a traditional Chinese card game of the same name, Fighting Landlords also has a national tour that allows proficient players to play competitively and aim to win the title of National Champion.

Token Airdrops

Magic Cube hosted multiple token airdrops throughout June, targeted at both the Chinese and English communities. The Chinese airdrop event ran between June 19th and the 23rd, with 2,000,000 MCC tokens set aside for the event. Participants were required to complete three steps to receive tokens:

  • Forward a poster to their friends (88 MCC)
  • Enter a community group and invite one friend (88 MCC)
  • Participate in a community conference and answer trivia questions (188 MCC)

Magic Cube reported that the event was well received and increased its community size by almost 200 people within two hours on the first day of the event.

The team also coordinated with BitMart Exchange to host an MCC airdrop for the English speaking community, which required users to follow the official Twitter page, like/retweet an event poster, join the English telegram channel, and complete a Google survey form.

The full report can be found at the below link: