Moonlight, a freelance workforce project in development on the NEO blockchain, has released its fourth development update covering the past two weeks of work on the project. The team has focused on its referral program and verification methods during this time.

Verification and Referrals

Moonlight’s project seeks to add value to the job market by allowing applicants to directly verify their user profiles on sites such as Github. The Moonlight team reports that work on the “claims and attestations” smart contract has been a necessary step to achieve this goal; another important step has been configuration of Asteroid, the Moonlight project’s distributed back-end.

The Moonlight team is also considering bringing additional verification mechanisms, focused on marketers and designers, into its final product.

Finally, with regards to its referral program, Moonlight announced that it has chosen a “very simple approach.” Moonlight also commented that removing references to the Moonlight token in its product will “make it a lot more approachable” for a wide variety of users. The team will continue to focus on building out the project’s features, and has started to contact a list of candidates for its first beta tests.

Moonlight’s report can be viewed directly at the following link: