QLC Chain, a decentralized network-as-a-service platform has published its most recent bi-weekly report. The report centered on its Confidant product, a decentralized privacy protection platform, as well as the Confidant bug bounty program.

QLC Chain introduced Confidant to the security community on July 6th and 7th at the LeHack event held in Paris. The team was asked to present Confidant at the event by Qwant, one of Europe’s leading privacy-centric search engines.

LeHack is a hacking event that aims to bring together amateurs and professionals in the IT security industry to participate in lectures and challenges. Its main purpose is to “strive for better understanding and continuous improvement of security systems using new technologies.”

QLC Chain took part in LeHack’s Hackathon by tasking participants with breaching Confidant’s security. Rewards of up to 1 BTC were offered for “obtaining all data via a Confidant station, all chats, files, user data ever transmitted on the Confidant station.” Other rewards included 0.2 BTC for obtaining the contact list of all interactions and 10,000 QLC for obtaining a user’s nickname.

It’s claimed that no hackers at the Hackathon were able to breach Confidant’s security. The event was held over two days and attracted over 1,000 attendees.

The LeHack rewards were then rolled the Confidant bug bounty program, which was launched on July 10th and will run until September 30th. The same tasks are available, and all submissions should be sent to qlc.hackathon@protonmail.com.

A full list of terms and conditions for the program can be read here.

The full bi-weekly report can be found at the link below: