A number of new projects to the NEO ecosystem have recently launched bounty and engagement programs to support their upcoming token sales. DeepBrain, ZeePin, TheKey and Qlink are giving away a combined total of over 57 million tokens. Community members can contribute creative works and promote awareness of these projects in exchange for rewards. We have compiled an overview of these campaigns below with links to further information on how to participate.


DeepBrain are holding a Proof of Care program in which they are encouraging community members to tweet, contribute on Reddit, write articles, and promote general awareness and participation in the community. There is no formal structure or stakes, with the bulk of the rewards going to the top five contributors as judged by the DeepBrain team, distributed as follows –

  • 1st place – 300,000 DBC
  • 2nd place – 200,000 DBC
  • 3rd place – 100,000 DBC
  • 4th & 5th place – 50,000 DBC each

Contributors will be judged on views, comments, follows, and overall engagement. The remaining 300,000 DBC will be rewarded amongst community contributors who assist in ways such as helping admins answer questions or teach users how to use the Neon wallet.

As an added bonus, if the DeepBrain Telegram group reaches 5,000 members before the end of the campaign, all bounties will be increased by 50%. The campaign is open until the 13th of December.

Link – https://www.reddit.com/r/DeepBrainChain/comments/7ho1p4/announcing_the_bounty_program/


Zeepin have built a portal to support their bounty program which is split into ‘social’ and ‘creative’ categories. Participants must register for access, and upon account creation will be eligible to take part in different ‘missions’. The portal allows users to browse through the available missions and record and track their bounty progress.

The social missions include following Zeepin on Twitter (20 ZPT), retweeting posts about Zeepin (25 ZPT) and joining the Telegram group (25 ZPT). Creative bounties include reposting and sharing Zeepin articles (50 ZPT), writing and submitting articles to Zeepin for publishing on official accounts (200 ZPT), posting blog articles on Zeepin (50, 200, 500 ZPT, depending on quality) and designing Zeepin posters (150 ZPT).

Up to 6 million ZPT’s will be given away, and participation is open until January 20th, 2018.

Link – https://www.zeepin.io/bounty/


Qlink has released a Proof of Engagement program that allows community members to earn QLC tokens in many different ways. Over 1 million tokens will be given away through five different campaigns. The campaigns include –

Market survey
Participants can complete a market survey (10 stakes)

Qlink GO!
The Qlink GO campaign encourages the community to contribute creative content to promote the Qlink project. There are six different methods to choose from including photography (50 stakes), photoshop (50 – 70 stakes), emojis (50 – 70 stakes), GIFs (80 – 100 stakes), videos (100 – 200 stakes) and articles (100 – 200 stakes)

Proof of Learning
Qlink will release a new blog each week focusing on a different aspect of telecom technology. They will then release a quiz for participants to demonstrate they have read and understood the content. (100 stakes)

Proof of Critique
Participants in this campaign are encouraged to provide questions and constructive critiques of the project on the Qlink subreddit, which will then be addressed in AMAs. (20 stakes)

Think Tank Development
Qlink are calling community members with professional experience in the Telecom industry to come forward and contribute thoughts on the project. There is no fixed reward for this campaign, and members will be rewarded based on the quality of their contributions.

The Proof of Engagement campaign will run until the end of the Qlink crowd sale, of which the date is still to be announced.

Link – https://www.reddit.com/r/Qlink/comments/7hwb2e/qlink_proof_of_engagement/


TheKey are distributing 50 million TKY tokens through their bounty program which is running until January 21st, 2018. There are four different methods of participating –

Signature & Avatar campaign – 35%
Avatar and signatures are supplied for users to add to their profiles on bitcointalk.org

Translation Campaign – 17.5%
Participants can translate TheKey ANN thread on bitcointalk.org, white paper, website or press materials (10 – 50 stakes )

Content & Blogs campaign – 17.5%
This campaign calls for participants to create content about TheKey project and is split up into two parts. The content bounty is for bloggers, journalists and video content creators who have at least 500 subscribers on YouTube (15 – 50 + stakes) or 1000 daily site visitors (10 – 30 + stakes). The blog bounty is for creators of smaller posts on platforms like Medium, Steemit or Telegram channels. (1 – 5 stakes)

Social media campaign – 30%
TheKey encourages the community to follow, share and participate on the official Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Medium and Reddit. (1 – 50 stakes)

Link – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2471628.msg25318023#msg25318023