NEO Global Development has released its May 2018 monthly report. The monthly reports are a round up of all the developments, news and events from within NEO during the previous month.

During the month of May, NEO took steps to expand it’s global reach, and focus some of it’s development initiatives following the re-organstion of the NEO Council to the NEO Foundation, and an MOU signed with Ontology.

On the 2nd of May, Da Hongfei participated in the Smart Economy Expo held at European Parliament, organised by Neon Exchange and the City of Zion. Hongfei took part in a panel led by Ivan Catalin (MEP), alongside Fabio Canesin (City of Zion and Neon Exchange co-founder), Peter Kersten (Director-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union at the European Commission) and Dr. Carl-Christian Buhr (Deputy Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Mariya Gabriel for Digital Economy and Society).

The Smart Economy Expo aims to educate regulators about the blockchain and the benefits of using this technology. The main purpose of the expo is to provide an overview that can help regulators draft laws in Europe, and may encompass other locations around the world.

On May 8th and 9th, NEO participated in the Blockchain Summit Latam in Chile as part of its first trip to South America. Malcolm Lerider gave a keynote speech at the event, and Fernando Diaz (known as @shargon in City of Zion) conducted a workshop. A hackathon was also held in which NEO Research members Vitor Coelho and Igor Coelho attended to guide participants choosing to develop with NEO.

Whilst in South America, community meet ups were held in Chile on the 7th, Rio de Janeiro on the 12th and and Sao Paulo on the 14th, giving the team opportunity to connect with the local community and gain insights in the regional market.

On May 14th, the NEO Foundation and the Ontology Foundation announced the signing of a Memoriam of Understanding (MoU) on strategy and technical integration. The purpose of the MoU is to help bridge the gap between permission (ONT) and permissionless (NEO) blockchains, whilst building the joint ecosystems.

NEO highlighted that the cross-chain protocol, known as NeoX, is one of the MoU collaborative priorities, stating that: “We complete the main infrastructure for a Smart Economy by connecting the platform that provides public ownership, exchange, and automation of digital assets (NEO) with the platform for data authorization and private P2P data exchange (ONT).”

Collaboration between ONT and NEO will result in:

  • Both NEO and ONT running NeoVM to allow cross-chain transfers and invocations. Smart Contracts on NEO will be able to invoke Smart Contracts on ONT and vice versa.
  • Shared and standardised APIs and SDKs to make it simpler to develop on any chain that runs NeoVM.
  • Both NEO and ONT supporting NeoX protocol.

In addition, NEO also provided an updated R&D roadmap which can be seen below.

It was also reported that the framework for the consensus node nominee application site has been completed, and will be launched and open sourced by the end of June. Voting support will then be implemented into the NEO-GUI.

To read the full May report, visit the link below: