NEO Global Development (NGD) released its September monthly report on October 1st, 2018. NEO have decided to keep last month’s revised report format due to positive community feedback. NGD’s report is designed to keep the community informed of development, events, and progress on the NEO blockchain.


NGD has listed five major events in September as being especially noteworthy.

First up is the latest release of the full node program, NEO-CLI. NEO-CLI v2.9.0 is the first NEO client to use the actor model. Refactored code is expected to set the stage for stable block times and future performance benefits for the NEO blockchain.

Secondly, NGD has created the CNEO and CGAS assets to enable developers’ smart contracts to transact NEO and GAS equivalents. More information on the CNEO and CGAS contracts is available in the following articles from NEO News Today and NEO Global Development.

Thirdly, NGD launched a bounty program to improve the security of the NEO blockchain. Rewards vary depending on the severity of the flaw that is discovered.

Fourth, the NEO Creative Design competition for website and icon designs was launched and remains open until October 14th, 2018, with a prize pool of $30,000 up for grabs.

Lastly, NGD hired nine new team members after announcing job openings earlier in the month. Despite the new hires, NGD is said to “remain on the lookout for outstanding individuals.”

An additional development mentioned in the report was the addition of a Swisscom consensus node to the NEO TestNet. Swisscom is Switzerland’s largest telecom provider. With its addition to TestNet, Swisscom follows in the footsteps of development group City of Zion, blockchain fund Fenbushi Capital, and the Dutch telecom provider, KPN.

Past Community Events

NGD directly participated in thirteen workshops, hackathons, conferences, and meetups worldwide in September. The events spanned across China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Uruguay, and Georgia.

Da Hongfei’s participation with Ethereum Foundation’s Virgil Griffith in their Consensus: Singapore panel discussion, “Ethereum meets NEO”, was recorded and transcribed. NEO founders, Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang, were also interviewed separately, by Bitcoin Magazine NL and Inter-Chain Pulse.

Future Community Events

NEO’s upcoming European hackathon tour will start on October 20th in Rotterdam and Delft, travel to Berlin for October 26th and 27th, and then end with a 32-hour hackathon in Zurich on November 3rd and 4th.

A total of 1,500 NEO and 4,050 GAS in prizes are offered for hackathon participants, split across the three events.

In addition, Berlin is hosting a NEO Meetup on October 26th, and NEO is hosting its fifth “Blockchain Open Course” in Shanghai, China on October 20th.

The full monthly report from NEO Global Development can be viewed at the following link:

NEO News Today also produced the below report infographic.