Travala has released its roadmap for Quarter 4 of 2018, which also includes Q3 achievements. Travala is a decentralized travel booking platform built on top of NEO that aims to provide all-in-one travel-related services.

In Q3 of 2018, Travala released version 2 of its marketplace, formed a strategic partnership with SpotCoin, and added a total of 152,000 Properties in 29 countries. Looking forward, Travala plans to focus on research and development (R&D), marketing, and scaling for enterprise clients.

With regards to R&D, the travel booking platform will focus on a blockchain review program with an incentives giveback structure, an affiliate referral program, a reputation points program, and global flight booking. Additionally, Travala aims to develop and integrate a platform wallet application for users to log in, make payments, and provide know your customer (KYC) information.

Further plans for Q4 include marketing campaigns that aim to increase community members and users of the platform. Travala also aims to update its whitepaper and release the newest version.

Lastly, Travala seeks to expand its global coverage of accommodations and property offerings. In addition to expanding its user base, Travala seeks to implement enterprise scaling solutions and the corresponding infrastructure, along with performance upgrades to the platform.

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