Neo announced a partnership with StackOS that will see it provide decentralized cloud services for Neo’s upcoming hackathon, scheduled for this summer. Using StackOS, developers can write applications, bundle them as docker images, then deploy them on TestNet. StackOS states it will natively integrate with NeoFS as a decentralized file storage network. Further, StackOS states its native STACK token will be interoperable on the Neo blockchain.

Neo formally released v3.0.0-rc2 on May 2. The new build was released alongside compatible versions of the core plugin modules. RC2 iterates on the recent RC1 launch by providing numerous new pieces of functionality. Improved JSONPath support will help developers to restrict Oracle responses, and the newly standardized contract update method has been implemented in accordance with a recent proposal.

A revised C# smart contract compiler is also a notable new addition, bringing support for more language features, deterministic compilation, and outputting more readable, optimized code.

The current RC2 version is planned for deployment to the N3 TestNet on May 18.

Poly Network announced it had surpassed US $4 billion in cross-chain trading volume, with over 110,000 cross-chain transactions across 42,000 cross-chain addresses.

NNT Catch Up

A new Flamingo Finance platform called MyMingo recently launched, offering analytics and a simple solution for staking FLM into various liquidity pools. The platform introduces SmartStake, allowing users to transfer FLM into an LP of choice with a single click. MyMingo offers real-time data on liquidity pools, unclaimed FLM and its equivalent value in various currencies, and token prices alongside the staking feature. MyMingo encourages its users to join its official Discord server to provide feedback on the application.

The O3 Swap module entered beta testing, offering a platform for one-click trades between assets on different blockchains. O3 Swap is currently available to all users. During the testing phase, token swapping is capped at an equivalent value of US $20.

Developer Groups

COZ launched a new monitoring component in Dora, which will replace its original network monitoring tool and provide users with a quick overview of public RPC node availability. The new page monitors a number of different endpoints across Neo Legacy and N3, listing useful node information such as type, block height, state height, number of connected peers, and other attributes.

COZ also began migrating its API resources from Neoscan to Dora, following the latest optimizations to its block explorer.


April 26, TranslateMe added the Bengali language to its commercial API.

April 26, O3 Labs announced it is hosting a two-week campaign for users to test the O3 Swap swapping processes and provide feedback on the platform. Two campaigns are offering O3 tokens as rewards for participation. The first involves using the Swap platform, and the second, giving feedback to the O3 team.

April 27, Poly Network established a partnership with ComPro.Finance, a digital derivatives issuing and trading ecosystem, to offer cross-chain functionality.

April 27, MyMingo announced that more than 100,000 FLM was staked through its UI.

April 28, Switcheo announced it is hosting a trivia competition to distribute ten Switcheo Ledgers. 

April 28, QLC Chain launched a new ticket and support system for customer services.

April 28, BigBang.Cash, an algorithmic stablecoin platform on Binance Smart Chain, launched genesis mining for pNEO that allows users to earn bCASH.

April 28, DeepBrain Chain released a transcript of a recently held AMA, and noted the tentative launch of the DBC MainNet launch in May 2021. 

April 29, O3 Labs removed support for the Switcheo Exchange from the mobile and desktop versions of the O3 Wallet as the non-custodial exchange was decommissioned.

April 29, Poly Network announced a partnership with BSC Station for enabling cross-chain NFT transactions. 

April 29, Poly Network announced a partnership with Torum, a social media platform that integrates DeFi and NFTs.

April 29, MyMingo removed fees for using its SmartStake service.

May 1, MyMingo upgraded to v3.2.0, which introduced the ability to change the base currency, and added impermanent loss statistics. 

Token Listings

Nash added support for MATIC, KEEP, VSP, and PERP on its non-custodial exchange. 


May 12: O3 Labs participating in AMA on the official DuckDAO Telegram.