Neo Global Development published its monthly report for December 2020, which noted the release of the Neo3 Preview4 implementation, a forthcoming Preview5 before TestNet, protocol contributions across the developer community, ecosystem updates, and more.

Neo Foundation community operations specialist Longfei Wang discussed the new features of Neo3 in an O3 Live AMA. Neo3 will offer an all-in-one suite of tools and features for a seamless developer experience. Wang noted Neo3’s comprehensive environment comprised of a native decentralized identity standard, a distributed file storage network, built-in oracle accessibility, among much more. He also touched upon other improvements such as changes in Neo’s core architecture, governance and economic model, and consensus mechanism.

The Flamingo Finance Perp trading competition concluded Friday, Jan. 22, 2021. As a result of the competition, Flamingo identified several areas of improvement. While the competition was live, Flamingo implemented fixes for bugs found in payment settlements. Future improvements include changes to the liquidation mechanism, methods to detect front-running, a change in the k-value algorithm, and the placement of restrictions on opening positions under exceptional circumstances. 

Flamingo and Poly Network were listed on Morpheus Labs App Library v2.0. Morpheus Labs is a blockchain-as-a-services-provider that offers tools and support to help businesses build on various blockchain platforms.

Blockchain-based Services Network released an article about its interchain services, which leverages Poly Network’s interoperability functionality. The article demonstrated a Poly Enterprise-based cross-chain call between Fabric and DISCO BCOS enterprise blockchains.

Developer Groups

COZ released Neon Wallet v2.6.2 for desktop. The update includes a bug fix for the SWTH token and Dutch translations. COZ also recently opened up registration for the final round of beta testing of the mobile versions of Neon wallet. Testing will be open to both iOS and Android device users.

COZ released Neon.js v5.0.0, which enabled the majority of core Neo3 interaction needs for JavaScript applications. Examples include smart contract deployment, interacting with smart contracts, and claiming GAS.


Jan. 18, QLC Chain launched an ERC-20 version of its QLC token. Users can convert back and forth between the ERC-20 and NEP-5 token standards through cross-chain swaps.

Jan. 18, The Demex derivatives exchange was listed on, an aggregator and statistics platform monitoring applications across various blockchain ecosystems.  

Jan. 18, Nash announced the second season of the Nash League will begin at midnight (UTC) on Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021. The new season incorporates changes in the reward structure and distribution. Additionally, Nash is sponsoring the virtual-based North American Bitcoin Conference, taking place Jan. 28 – 29, 2021.

Jan. 19, Switcheo community members unanimously passed a TradeHub Improvement Proposal to fund the development of an automated system for airdropping SWTH tokens to new users from Ethereum. Under the plan, 3 SWTH will be automatically airdropped to new accounts. The TIP was the first put forth by the Switcheo community.

Jan. 20, Novem released an overview of potential use cases for its precious metals-based DeFi platform.

Jan. 20, Nash Link was nominated for Product Hunt Hi’s Golden Kitty Awards 2020 for the “Crypto” category.

Jan. 20, QLC Chain updated the QLCTracker explorer desktop client, and added support for WalletConnect and public RPCs.

Jan. 21, Switcheo was recognized by Tech in Asia as a key player in Singapore’s growing FinTech community. 

Jan. 21, Nash opened applications for a new head of marketing. The new team member would be responsible for user acquisition and growth, Nash product marketing, brand development, and contributing a marketer’s perspective to product, technical, and editorial decisions. 

Jan. 22, O3 Labs updated the iOS and Android mobile wallet versions, which added support for Ethereum-based dApps based on the Ethereum Improvement Proposal 1102.

Jan. 22, Nash League registration opened for season two of the trading competition.

Jan. 22, QLC Chain hosted an AMA, where leadership discussed progress on integrating non-custodial exchange support, swapping NEP-5 QLC with its ERC-20 counterpart, the QLC Chain 2021 roadmap, and more.


Jan. 28 – 29: Nash sponsoring and participating in North American Bitcoin Conference virtual conference.