Switcheo Network and Neo Eco Growth participated in NGD’s English Neo Live event. Neo Live is an Ask Me Anything (AMA) style community event that takes place on the official Neo Telegram channel.

Switcheo co-founders, Jack Yeu and Ivan Poon, and NGD head of Eco Growth, John Wang, joined the AMA. During the event, the trio discussed the recent Neo and Switcheo partnership, development of the Switcheo sidechain, the role of decentralized finance (DeFi) in the Neo ecosystem, and Switcheo’s roadmap, plus much more.

The Neo platform was among the six largest smart contract platforms included in the recently released 2019 annual dApp market report. The annual dApp market report explored trends in transaction volumes, wallets, use cases, and user activity, and offered a 2018-to-2019 side-by-side comparison. The report examined the leading blockchains in terms of the total volume of native tokens, such as NEO and GAS, but did not include NEP-5 tokens or their equivalents in the analysis.

Road to Neo3

In 2020, Neo News Today (NNT) launched the Road to Neo3 series, which aims to guide readers through the progress made by Neo core developers during the development of Neo3.

The first feature consists of four articles that walk readers through the design and implementation of the built-in oracle service currently in development for Neo3. Last week, NNT released the first two articles: Introduction to Oracles, and Oracle Transactions and the Broadcast Model.

The series picked up this week with the third article, Oracle Request Execution and Consensus, which explained how oracle requests are executed in NeoVM, how consensus can be achieved on the results, and outlined the protocols, filters, and response formats that will be initially supported on Neo3.

The fourth and final article of the oracle series, Oracle Decentralization and Economic Model, covered how the oracle network aims to decentralize and explored current progress into designing the economic model. To do so, the author delved into describing policy contracts, node election processes under discussion, and potential economic models.

NNT Catch Up

Dan Shields, founder of Cryptorado, a community blockchain group that focuses on education and adoption of distributed web technologies, was the guest on episode 22 of the NNT podcast. Topics include Dan’s role in the blockchain community, the culture of blockchain in Colorado, state level government projects, and how Neo can be involved.

QLC Chain announced the first batch of successful applicants of its early-bird node sponsorship campaign for voting and mining node operators. At the time of press, eighteen voting nodes and three mining nodes had been approved to join the QLC Chain network. Additionally, the team updated both its iOS and Android QWallet mobile applications.

Developer Groups

Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center (Neo SPCC) released an article introducing its performance test bench for Neo blockchain nodes. Alongside the introduction, the team shared its initial test results from benchmark comparisons between the neo-cli and neo-go nodes, noting significant throughput improvements for its Go node.


January 20th, AlphaCat released its fortnightly report that highlighted a series of performance and optimization tests carried out on the intelligent trading algorithm. Additionally, the ACAT Store now lists 111 dApps.

January 20th, Jarvis+ released its fortnightly report, which highlights the development of background login method for Xiaojia, an instant messaging robot, and will undergo testing.

January 21st, Switcheo announced the launch of the Switcheo “HODL Elite” campaign. During the 90-day HODL Elite campaign, users must stake a minimum of 100,000 SWTH and to be eligible to earn rewards from a pool of 5 million SWTH tokens. The 90-day event will run from noon (UTC +8), Wednesday, January 22nd through 12:00 pm on Tuesday, April 21st, 2020.

January 21st, Trinity Protocol released its fortnightly report, which highlights researching scaling directions with new features of Neo3.

January 22nd, Switcheo announced a partnership with Messari that will grant the non-custodial exchange access to Messari Disclosures Registry. The partnership aims to “save time and effort on behalf of both the Switcheo compliance team and registry participants looking for access to additional sources of liquidity for their tokens.”

January 22nd, QLC Chain announced it is hosting a Reddit AMA on Friday, January 31st.

January 23rd, the Narrative Company announced it sold “certain Narrative assets” to a newly formed company that intends to launch a new version of the content sharing platform. The new owners plan to redesign the platform based on Narrative’s code and content, as well as change its name.


February 12th: Neo Colorado meetup – Denver, US.