Neo initiated a new bounty program to be hosted on Immunefi, a leading bug bounty platform for Web3. Effective Jan. 7, 2022, and running as a long-term initiative, users can audit the Neo blockchain infrastructure to discover and disclose potential security vulnerabilities in exchange for rewards. Base bounties of up to US $100,000 are available for valid issues, awarded according to a pre-defined severity structure.

Neo won the Best Infrastructure of the Year award in a PANews 2021 community survey on the year’s leading projects. PANews is an Asia-focused blockchain media outlet, recipient of Tencent News Data Awards, and a selected honoree of the 2020 Forbes 30 under 30 Asia.

Neo Global Development extended the first round Neospective submission deadline to Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022. Additionally, each submission will receive a Neoverse blind box NFT, along with the previously announced prize package.

NGD released a short video highlighting the significant achievements of 2021, including the launch of N3 and new projects that joined the Early Adoption Program.

The Metaverse Alliance released a video of the Cross-Chain Asset Transfer panel held in Dec. 2021. NGD head of eco growth John Wang joined the panel to discuss how Neo’s infrastructure supports the metaverse.

OKEx integrated support for NEP-17 FLM, now allowing users to deposit and withdraw FLM on the N3 network. The custodial exchange will no longer support assets on the Neo Legacy network.

NNT Catch Up

Saffron Finance launched beta testing for V2 of its platform, with staking and withdrawing SFI, NEO, and GAS on the Neo N3 TestNet. To use the platform, beta testers must first acquire TestNet NEO and GAS from the Neo N3 TestNet faucet, which can distribute 50 NEO and 50 GAS per IP address every 24 hours. Then, testers need to request SFI TestNet tokens in the Neo Saffron Beta Testing Telegram channel. Saffron is also giving away 30 Neoverse blindboxes to users who provide feedback.

NGD Enterprise lead John deVadoss joined The Economic Times’ CryptoTV to discuss smart contracts, protocol-agnostic token standards, geopolitical policy arbitration, current and future use cases, plus more.

Rentfuse Labs released a brand identity style guide, including background information on the NFT lending protocol, core values, various logos, sizing, coloring, and typography.

Neo News Today released an Early Adoption Program spotlight on Polychain Monsters, a cross-chain gaming and digital collectibles ecosystem coming to the Neo N3 platform. The project team endeavors to offer mainstream appeal through play-to-earn gaming, collect-to-earn NFT staking, and DeFi. As part of the partnership, the team will design a Neo-exclusive background to be introduced in the newly minted Polymon on N3. Two new iconic Polymon will also be released, one of which will be exclusive to Neo.

GhostMarket confirmed users will need to first stake FLM to participate in the upcoming GhostMarket public token pre-sale on Flamingo. In order to participate, users must join the minimum pre-sale tier, Bronze. Flamingo’s tier system determines how much a participant can purchase in an initial DEX offering. FLM will be locked for four days, beginning when the tokens are staked. If FLM is unstaked early, the user will incur an early withdrawal penalty of 20% of staked FLM.


Jan. 3, Flamingo launched a contest for users who share photos of merchandise purchased from the Flamingo Merch store. Each month the Flamingo team will select a winner and compensate them with up to 1,000 FLM tokens for the purchased item.

Jan. 4, Forthewin Network announced the launch of the FTW Arena, a new game that pits FTW Runes against each other with the victor earning a GAS prize. Runes are algorithmically-generated NFTs that follow the design of the FTW logo, each having one of seven elements and a base luck attribute valued between 1 and 10. Five arenas are available for rune owners to enter, numbered after the maximum player capacity for each arena: 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128.

Jan. 5, Saffron announced it is participating in the Noverse NFT Blindbox giveaway, giving away 30 blindbox NFTs to wallets that have accessed and used the beta Saffron App on Neo N3 TestNet. To enter, users must send an email to with the N3 wallet address they used, and at least one sentence of feedback on the platform.

Jan. 6, Poly Network released its monthly report for Dec. 2021, noting total trade volume surpassing $15.4 billion.

Jan. 6, NeoBurger announced an upcoming second airdrop of NoBug governance tokens to early Neo N3 governance participants. Wallets that voted for a Neo Council node before block 258,805 on Sep. 16, 2021, are eligible. Airdrop recipients will share from a pool of approximately 10.8 million NoBug.

Jan. 6, NudesToken, a grassroots-established community memecoin, began sending NEP-17 NUDES tokens to community members and incentivizing their distribution. For every 10 NUDES sent, the sender can claim 100 NUDES tokens in turn. Looking forward, the team aims to release a white paper and a faucet for new users to request tokens.

Jan. 7, Forthewin Network released a brief overview of the FTW Arena, including information about rules and prizes for the tournaments.

Jan. 8, Flamingo announced an AMA with GhostMarket founder Vincent Geneste to discuss the upcoming GM initial DEX offering. The audio-based AMA was scheduled to take place on Jan. 10 in Flamingo’s Community Lagoon, with ten participants eligible for rewards of 300 GM each.

Jan. 8, GhostMarket launched a community rewards campaign where participants can share from a pool equivalent to US $10,000 in GM tokens.

Jan. 8, Rentfuse Labs published four smart contracts on N3 TestNet: RentProtocolContract, RefuTokenContract, ProxyNftFactoryContract, and FusableNftContract.

Jan. 9, Flamingo released an article that highlighted the tiering system for the platform’s upcoming first IDO and how the allocation is determined by weighting.

Token Listings

OKEx custodial exchange added support for NEP-17 FLM.