Longtime community developer Snowypowers has released an updated version of Ansy for Neo N3. Ansy is a simple paper wallet generator that makes it easy to randomly generate new Neo keypairs.

After clicking generate, QR codes are created to represent the resulting public address, public key, and the private key in both hexadecimal and WIF form. The QR codes can be converted to text with a double-click.

Private keys can optionally be encrypted with a password. If a private key is used, the encrypted key (NEP-2) will also be generated, which can be revealed by scrolling through the views with the ā€˜Nā€™ button.

The tool can also be used to import wallets. This can turn it into a useful way to print paper backups of existing wallets, or to quickly check the public address or public key for a known private key, WIF, or encrypted key/password combination.

As an open source project, Ansy can be run locally. This can make it a convenient option for generating Neo wallets on a fully air-gapped machine. However, it can also be used to create new wallets in the browser with relative safety. Temporarily disabling extensions, running a malware scan, and disconnecting from the Internet are a few recommended steps to take before doing so.

You can find the Ansy github repository at the following link: