The first meme coin has landed on the Neo N3 network, spurring token holders to send NUDES to each other. The NudesToken project was created by the MyMingo co-founders turned Flamingo maintainers. However, since the token’s launch, community members have assumed roles and responsibilities for the project.

A meme coin is a cryptocurrency often associated with a joke or theme rather than a serious product. The most well known meme coin is Dogecoin, a fork of Bitcoin that incorporated the doge meme into the lore of the cryptocurrency.

What are NUDES?

NudesToken is based on the joke that token holders can “send NUDES” to one another. NUDES are NEP-17 tokens, and in reality, no adult content is exchanged.

The NUDES token contract was created on Jan. 6 and has a total supply of 10 quadrillion. Use cases for the NUDES token are burgeoning, but its primarily function is to act as an incentive for people to join the Neo network. In addition, the recently launched NFT marketplace, Sky Hut, has included the ability for users to purchase and sell NFTs with NUDES tokens.

The NudesToken social media accounts have witnessed rapid growth within the first week of the token’s launch. Its Twitter has amassed approximately 10,400 followers, while the Discord server has attracted around 5,000 members at the time of press. A Reddit page and Telegram channel have also been set up.

Looking forward, the NudesToken community is working on a white paper dubbed the “nude paper,” which will be released shortly.

How do I get NUDES?

Currently, users are able to acquire NUDES by sharing their wallet address on the Nudes Army Discord faucet. A notice is then sent out to other NUDES token holders on the platform who can fulfill the request.

For a limited time, those who send a minimum of 10 NUDES to a user that has requested tokens will receive 100 NUDES in return. Further, 1,000 NUDES tokens will be distributed to users that send 0.069 GAS to a new wallet that is requesting NUDES, but has no GAS. Rewards for sending NUDES accrue throughout the day and are automatically distributed every 24 hours at 12:00 a.m. (UTC).

Storing and Sending NUDES Tokens

Users wishing to acquire NUDES will first need a Neo N3 wallet. To send assets or perform transactions on the Neo N3 network, a wallet must also have GAS. A new user may receive a GAS drop from the Nudes Army faucet, or swap for GAS through Flamingo Finance or various custodial exchanges (i.e., Binance, OKEx,,

A list of Neo N3 compatible wallets are available on the website. Popular wallets within the community include: Neon Wallet, available on desktop and mobile; NeoLine, available on mobile or as a Chrome extension; O3, available on desktop and mobile; and, OneGate, available on mobile.

Users can visit the link below to request NUDES tokens on the Nudes Army Discord server: