The Neo Foundation announced the initial 21 members of the Neo Council. The Council will assume its responsibilities upon the launch of Neo N3 TestNet before migrating to MainNet. The initial group is comprised of:

  • AxLabs
  • ChainNode
  • COZ
  • Everstake
  • InfStones
  • Nash Exchange
  • Neo Foundation / Neo Global Development (11 spots)
  • Neo News Today
  • Neo SPCC
  • NEXT
  • Switcheo

NEO holders will be able to vote for Neo Council members following the migration from Neo Legacy to Neo N3. Anyone can register to become a candidate for the Neo Council, and voting entitles NEO holders to increased GAS generation rates.

The Neo Frontier Launchpad Development phase concluded with more than 650 participants from over 80 countries. During the 50-day Launchpad event, NGD supported online workshops to assist participants during the Development phase. 

The #NeoIsHere community creative content campaign concluded with 40 submissions in total. Community members had until 8:00 a.m. (UTC) on Monday, July 19, 2021, to vote on their top three favorite entries. NGD will randomly select 10 voters and distribute US $70 equivalent in NEO as a reward.

NGD Zurich ecosystem growth director, Lili Zhao, participated in an interview on DukascopyTV to talk about the rollout of Neo N3 amid Neo’s background.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today hosted AxLabs’ senior software engineers, Guilherme Sperb Machado and Claude Müller, on episode 57 of the NNT podcast. Discussion topics included the neow3j tools for building Java smart contracts on Neo, the importance of documentation, Neo Frontier Launchpad developer feedback, why people should build on Neo, and much more.

In the interview, the pair talk about how the Neo Frontier Launchpad gave the team invaluable feedback on its suite of tools. Ultimately, the hackathon event provided a forum for AxLabs (and other Neo developer communities) to improve their products based on user feedback. 

Developer Groups

NEO-ONE released an updated version of its toolkit (I.e., node, client, and compiler packages), which brought it in parity with Neo N3 RC3. Looking forward to the N3 MainNet release, the team will focus on fixing bugs, adding test coverage, upgrading more APIs, and making NEO-ONE more user-friendly.

Neo SPCC released an all-in-one NeoFS single-node docker-compose for local dApp and web application development. The docker container offers an HTTP gateway with a NGINX reverse proxy sample to serve the user’s domain and host static websites directly on NeoFS.


July 12, MyWish announced the integration of Neo N3 TestNet support into its smart contract generation platform. The first template released is for creating NEP-17 tokens, allowing users to launch a token on N3. Support went live on July 16. 

July 12, Switcheo released its monthly report for June 2021, which noted the launch of the Demex futures trading competition, the addition of 100 new tokens to the Switcheo TradeHub, the launch of an ERC-20 version of the SWTH token, and more.

July 13, Poly Network announced a strategic partnership with Filet, a decentralized cloud mining service platform. 

July 14, GhostMarket was added to the DappRadar blockchain application data aggregator website. 

July 15, Poly Network established a partnership with Math Wallet, a mobile, Chrome, web, and hardware wallet provider. 

July 15, PolyNetwork released a mobile version of the Poly Bridge cross-chain service.


July 19: Poly Network ecosystem growth manager, John Wang, to join BSN AMA. 

July 28: Neo Colorado hosting an informal meetup, Denver, US.