Neo Global Development (NGD) Seattle lead, John deVadoss, participated in a roundtable conversation at the Binance Off The Charts virtual conference. The roundtable discussion was entitled Future of Consensus: Will Proof of Stake Dominate?

Neo and KardiaChain announced an eco-partnership as part of the EcoBoost program. The partnership will see Neo and KardiaChain “closely communicating and collaborating to optimize technology to facilitate easier integration for any Neo-like blockchain to join KardiaChain’s interoperable network.” The NGD Eco Growth team expressed enthusiasm for introducing the KardiaChain solution to developers, particularly in Vietnamese markets. It also hopes that Neo may be seen as a potential solution for government projects being worked on by KardiaChain now or in the future.

NNT Catch Up

In episode 35 of the NNT podcast, Neo Foundation (NF) developer community strategist, Longfei Wang, joined to discuss his new role within the NF, its operations, Neo3 progress, deliverable goals for 2020, and much more.

In the interview, Wang noted that as Neo3 development nears completion, the NF seeks to propel the Neo blockchain into its next growth phase through a new grants program. Wang is spearheading the establishment of the program to attract talent to the Neo ecosystem through three tracts: general, core development, and research. NF has formed an oversight grants committee to review proposals. More information about this program is expected to be released in the coming quarter.


July 13th, pubNooks provided its first update for Q3 2020. A newsletter was distributed to community members announcing a new team member, platform updates, and a rebrand process.

July 13th, QLC Chain released a roadmap for the second half of 2020. Goals include developing an enterprise wallet with decentralized finance (DeFi) features, a QLC Chain issued stablecoin, and an automated commercial layer targeted at the communication industry.

July 13th, Nash released a React starter kit to assist in developing front-end applications using Nash’s multi-party computation (MPC) API.

July 13th, CEX.IO announced it is offering an additional 10% on GAS distributions for users who hold their NEO on the centralized trading platform throughout July.

July 14th, O3 Labs participated in an AMA with the Vietnam-based Neo community, TinTucNeo.

July 14th, TranslateMe released version 3.0 of its French-to-English translation model, which is running off a single node and offers a free API for developers to test. The update now hosts approximately 40 million English and French sentences trained by a single model that integrated human contributors and other machine learning tactics.

July 14th, Nash co-founder, Fabio Canesin, released an article espousing the importance of its community, reiterated the strength of the project’s fiscal runway, and outlined the current and planned communication channels of the Nash team.

July 15th, Switcheo integrated support for Uniswap liquidity reserves.

July 17th, TranslateMe released an overview of how it is implementing a voting process to further automate the improvement of its machine translation models. In the near-term future, TranslateMe intends to provide a commercially-viable API designed to handle conversation-based translation.

July 17th, Alchemint released its monthly progress report for June 2020, which highlighted a decrease in SNEO collateralization correspondent with NEO’s price, an increase in total fees paid, and an Android SDK preview for the Alchemint app.

July 17th, GhostMarket launched a multi-chain non-fungible token marketplace with cross-chain support for Phantasma and Neo, which also acts as an NFT explorer. GhostMarket offers statistical and historical data on NFT assets and allows users to connect with various wallets from both ecosystems.