Neo will co-host an AMA with the OKEx custodial exchange on Tuesday, June 23rd, which will take place on the official Neo Telegram channel. In addition to the AMA, there is also a reward campaign on OKEx for NEO traders.

Neo Global Development (NGD) Seattle lead, John deVadoss, participated in the Cloud Credential Council podcast to talk about blockchain, its baked-in economic models, governance, aligning IT and business through blockchain’s economic stack, plus more.

NGD Seattle lead, John deVadoss, hosted a roundtable discussion as part of a BlockDown 2020 session on enterprise blockchains. The session focused on what the blockchain industry needs to accelerate adoption at the enterprise level. Additionally, deVadoss participated in a session with representatives from Stellar and Wanchain entitled Blockchain Interoperability: Mastermind Session.

A Neo community member contributed a three-part Neo Column series, which featured their entry into developing on Neo without prior coding experience. The first article highlighted their experience learning from the MyWish Neo coding course how to write and launch a smart contract in the Python programming language. The second article highlighted the development of a NEP-5 token from its parameters, adding functions to the smart contract, and deploying the smart contract. The third article offered an overview of the contributor’s experience creating a dApp using a JavaScript library.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today (NNT) released episode 33 of its podcast, which featured Ryan Lloyd, founder of TranslateMe, an instant translation service in the Neo ecosystem. Topics of discussion included Lloyd’s background as an entrepreneur, his entry into the blockchain space, TranslateMe’s origins in hotel menu translation, how users improve TranslateMe’s algorithms, Lloyd’s thoughts on the Neo ecosystem, and much more.

Bridge Protocol announced the launch of version 3.0 of the Bridge Identity platform. Updates included cross-chain BRDG token support for Neo and Ethereum, an updated network explorer, a redesigned Passport browser extension, and a restructured Bridge Protocol SDK.

In May 2020, Switcheo announced the development of its second trading platform, Demex, which aims to be a fully non-custodial platform that focuses on margin and derivatives trading. In a conversation with NNT, Switcheo founder and CEO, Ivan Poon, explained that Demex was conceived after it was determined that the user needs of derivatives and margin traders was significantly different to existing Switcheo users.

Developer Groups

Neo Tracker released its developer workshop from ReImagine 2020, where software engineer, Daniel Byrne, delivered a presentation on building a token using NEO-ONE.

Neo Tracker resolved an issue with the ‘continuous loading’ of its web-based wallet, related to an issue with handling token migrations. The problem was directly tied to the RPX/PHX Red Pulse tokens, which are now listed as ‘unknown’ tokens in the wallet and in past transactions.

Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center (Neo SPCC) released an article introducing the new Websocket-powered remote notification subsystem, added by the team in the v0.75.0 release of NeoGo. The solution intends to meet the backend needs of decentralized applications, providing an efficient system for monitoring, and reacting to on-chain events such as smart contract executions. Further, the protocol has an open specification so that compatible clients can be implemented in any language to meet developers needs.

NEXT released a NeoLine Talk article that highlighted the differences between cold and hot wallets, and an example of public and private keys stored in a wallet.


June 15th, O3 Labs updated its desktop wallet to version 3.2.1, which introduced an automatic update feature.

June 15th, Novem minted 765 grams of gold into 76,500 NNN tokens, which brought the total gold minted to 39,602.55 grams represented by 3,960,255 NNN tokens.

June 16th, Moonlight announced the v1.1 release of its platform, which added new analytics functionality for the profile and link dashboards along with various other general improvements. The update intends to provide users with direct access to useful insights that can be used to aid networking efforts.

June 17th, Novem’s NNN gold-backed token was listed on the P2PB2B custodial exchange, with a BTC pairing.

June 18th, O3 Labs announced the addition of a business development lead to its team.

June 18th, Novem minted another 235.11 grams of gold into 23,511 NNN tokens, which brought the total amount of gold minted to 39,837.66 represented by 3,983,766 NNN tokens.

June 18th, O3 Labs held an AMA on Reddit to answer questions from community members, which centered on continued support for O3’s fiat on-ramp functionality, integrating support for Neo3 features, its focus on a global user base, and much more.

June 18th, Nash released an article highlighting its focus on company culture with a highly distributed team.

June 19th, Nash co-founder, Ethan Fast, participated in a Nasdaq Trade Talks interview to discuss Nash services, its distributed workforce, using cryptocurrencies to pay employees, how Nash offers support for Bitcoin trading on its non-custodial exchange, plus more.

Token Listings

NNN token listed on P2PB2B exchange.


June 23rd: Neo and OKEx AMA.

July 4th: Da Hongfei speaking at the Chain Plus Blockchain New Finance Summit in China.

July 6th: Da Hongfei keynote speech at Unitize Blockchain Conference virtual event.