Neo Global Development extended the #NeoIsHere competition by two weeks (to July 15) and expanded the scope beyond just videos. Additionally, the Neo community will vote on the submissions and be eligible to receive rewards for participating. The prize pool has also been raised to approximately US $7,000 in prizes. The rewards will be shared among the top 11 submissions and 10 randomly chosen voters.

Two workshops took place this week to provide support to Neo Frontier Launchpad participants. Recorded sessions can be found below: 

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today hosted Neo SPCC CIO, Stanislav Bogatyrev, on episode 56 of the NNT podcast. Discussion topics included how NeoFS natively integrates with the Neo blockchain, use cases for the distributed object storage system, how regular NEO holders can participate in the network, and much more.

Developer Groups

NeoResearch updated the NeoCompiler Eco, adding support for compiling multiple files. The team also included a NNS Name Service example in the compiler for testing on Neo N3. 

COZ released a new tutorial entitled Writing a NEP-17 Token in Python, which covers the basics of contract development with boa, a full-fledged Python compiler for Neo.


June 28, Poly Network released its monthly report for June 2021, which noted more than $6.4 billion in total trade volume, 18 new partnership announcements, and more than 351,000 cross-chain transactions. 

June 29, MyMingo announced that more than 6 million FLM have been staked through the platform’s SmartStake feature. 

June 29, Poly Network established a partnership with NEST Protocol, a decentralized oracle built on Ethereum. 

June 29, Switcheo launched a Demex futures trading competition, and is offering up to $120,000 in prizes. Participants can trade BTC and ETH up to 100x leverage using USDC as collateral. 

June 30, O3 Labs announced an O3 token airdrop to users on the Huobi ECO Chain. O3 Labs intends to distribute 3 million O3 tokens as they launch on Neo N3, Polygon, Solana, and other networks.

June 30, TranslateMe noted that more than 500 unique users had accessed the Translation API in the previous 30 days. 

June 30, O3 Labs announced the O3 Swap platform surpassed $700 million in total value locked. 

July 1, Switcheo reported that the TradeHub standalone matching engine had stopped producing blocks. User funds on TradeHub and Demex exchange were not negatively impacted, and a solution was pushed to validators within a day of the chain halt.  

July 1, Poly Network ecosystem growth manager, John Wang, joined an AMA hosted by NEST protocol. In the AMA, Wang discussed Poly Network acting as an oracle for NEST Protocol, connecting blockchains as part of the Next-Generation Internet infrastructure, and use cases for the interoperability protocol. 

July 1, TranslateMe announced its platform had translated more than 4 million characters in the previous month. 

July 2, DeepBrain Chain announced its MainNet DBC token had launched on the custodial exchange, and users could begin swapping DBC NEP-5 tokens for MainNet tokens. 

July 2, O3 Labs announced it will integrate support for Polygon, an Ethereum-based layer two solution for scaling and infrastructure development. 

Token Listings

The MDEX custodial exchange listed the O3 token.


July 10: Da Hongfei to deliver keynote at the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference.