Neo Global Development invested in Dora Factory, which will build DAO governance infrastructure on Neo3. Dora Factory’s DAO-as-a-Service infrastructure enables developers to integrate onchain governance features into their applications.  

Hashpalette announced it will offer cross-chain support for the creation and management of NFTs, and Neo is among the first blockchains included in their plans. The Palette TestNet launched in early March 2021, supporting Neo, Ethereum, and Ontology, with plans to expand to other networks. The partnership is part of Neo’s effort to expand services and offerings into the Japanese NFT market.

The Flamingo team launched WETH migration for users to convert from pnWETH to fWETH. Liquidity providers must migrate WETH to continue receiving FLM rewards on the Flamingo vault module. Rewards for pnWETH concluded at 8:00 a.m. (UTC) on Wednesday, March 3. FLM rewards began for the new FLP-fWETH-nNEO liquidity pool at 12:30 p.m. the same day.

Poly Network surpassed US $3.3 billion in total cross-chain value transferred, with more than 46,000 transactions across approximately 18,000 addresses. 

NNT Catch Up

GhostMarket recently launched NFT auctions on Phantasma, enabling users to buy and sell non-fungible tokens through a range of different mechanisms. The new functionality includes three new auction methods to suit the various needs of NFT users. To commemorate the launch, the GhostMarket team will auction the first of 52 GHOST Genesis NFTs. These tokens will grant the owner a 100% discount on GhostMarket trading fees for life.

Nash opened the waiting list for their debit card, tentatively launching in Q4 2021. The debit card will let users purchase every-day goods and services with cryptocurrencies stored in their Nash wallet. 

Developer Groups

AxLabs released neow3j v3.7.1 with support for two new RPC methods and various other minor fixes. 

NEXT released its monthly report for February 2021, which noted the integration of Neo3 Preview5 support in its mobile and chrome extension wallets.


March 1, Switcheo launched the first futures markets on TradeHub, powered by Demex, its Layer-2 decentralized exchange. The new markets enable traders to buy and sell WBTC and ETH futures with USDC, offering up to 100x leverage during the beta period. The initial beta contracts will expire on March 26 at 8:00 a.m. However, in the future, the contracts will settle every quarter.

March 1, DeepBrain Chain released its fortnightly report, which noted an increase in network users and DBC TestNet super node testers. 

March 3, DeepBrain Chain announced intentions to increase Super Node rewards by 20.1 million DBC, which will take place when phase one of the MainNet public beta launches.

March 4, Nash League season three begins on March 9, with the same reward structure as season two. For every US $10 million in trading volume, $10,000 in prizes will unlock.

March 5, Nash announced plans to integrate the Aave liquidity protocol into its platform. With the integration, Nash users can earn a yield on Aave-supported cryptocurrencies. Looking forward, Nash intends to list the AAVE token for trading on its non-custodial exchange.

March 6, Switcheo‘s community awarded 300,000 SWTH tokens to the developers of a Python SDK for the TradeHub blockchain following the result of a recent governance proposal. The TradeHub Python SDK is intended to make it more accessible to integrate applications with TradeHub, including trading bots and other automated services. Voting ended successfully on March 6 with the unanimous approval of 727 million SWTH yes votes.

Token Listings

KuCoin custodial exchange listed a GAS/USDT trading pair.

KuCoin custodial exchange removed the TKY/NEO trading pair.