The Switcheo community has awarded 300,000 SWTH tokens to the developers of a Python SDK for TradeHub following the result of a recent governance proposal. The TradeHub Python SDK is intended to make it more accessible for others to integrate their own applications with TradeHub, including trading bots and other automated services.

The two developers behind the SDK, Devel484 and Switcheolytics, had already completed work on the major deliverables by the time the proposal was submitted. Available functionality includes:

  • A network crawler to build a list of accessible API/WebSocket endpoints and allow calls to fail over to other nodes
  • A public blockchain class for API interaction (fetching information such as current validators, tokens, addresses, and other blockchain stats)
  • A Demex client for trading on the exchange and managing TradeHub accounts
  • And more

Voting ended successfully on March 6 with the unanimous approval of 727 million SWTH yes votes. As a result, 300,000 SWTH tokens will be awarded to the developers from the Community Pool fund.

Developers or traders looking to build their own applications on top of the SDK can find information for getting started on its GitHub or PyPI pages.

The governance proposal result may be viewed at the link below: