The Neo Foundation (NF) unlocked 1,660,865 NEO tokens from its reserve to support Neo’s long-term development, operation, maintenance, and ecosystem. Additionally, NF announced that it has recently completed its financial report for the 2019 fiscal year, expected for release in April 2020.

Neo Global Development (NGD) announced there will be a Neo presence in the “Deep Dive into Blockchain” summer course hosted by the UZH Blockchain Center at the University of Zurich. The course will focus on cryptography, smart contracts, and the Neo ecosystem.

NGD released two new articles in its Neo Column series. The first was written by Neo Login developer, Albert Acebron (aka corollari), highlighting the efforts of the Neo Login team to build an event notification system which can push notifications from Neo smart contracts. The second article by QA engineer for NGD Shanghai, Xiaoyun Yang, focused on Neo’s blockchain synchronization mechanism, highlighting current methods for Neo2 and the approach for Neo3.

Road to Neo3

As part of its Road to Neo3 series, Neo News Today (NNT) released articles part two and three of its block sync optimization feature.

Article two examined past discussions on network optimization with a particular focus on improving the block synchronization process, followed by the exploration of a new block synchronization method for Neo3. Article three examined the implementation of the new index synchronization mechanism introduced in the previous article along with initial performance test results.

NNT Catch Up

Switcheo announced the tentative launch of the Switcheo Foundation, which seeks to propagate the development of a decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Additionally, Switcheo hosted a week-long reward distribution campaign to celebrate its second anniversary.

Developer Groups

Neow3j released version 2.4.0 of its Java and Android SDK. The new update includes a NEP-5 wrapper class that is aimed at reducing the complexity for calling NEP-5 smart contracts.


March 23rd, Jarvis+ released its fortnightly report, which highlighted progress on the development of its Telegram bot and the launch of its quiz game which features a prize pool of 10,000 JAR to be shared among participants.

March 24th, Moonlight announced the launch of the Copernicus MVP, allowing select users to create and share professional profiles tailored to specific audiences. The release also includes basic analytics tools, examples for attribute verification, and automated self-sovereign identity creation. For its next steps, the team aims to improve the MVP’s overall UX, expand the number of verifiable attributes, and enable users to view self-sovereign identity (SSI) features.

March 24th, the NEO Tracker block explorer received an update that was designed to improve its reliability and user experience. A major focus of the update was NEO Tracker’s ability to report NEP-5 balances more accurately. The NEO Tracker update also included a new color scheme and an updated logo in alignment with Neo’s 2019 rebrand. Looking forward, the NEO Tracker team intends to integrate a fiat-to-crypto on-ramp, crypto-to-crypto swaps, then a crypto-to-fiat off-ramp into the explorer.

March 25th, QLC Chain released its fortnightly report, which highlighted a recent QGAS buyback and burn program. As part of the program, the team anticipated 200,000 QGAS tokens would be traded for 900,000 QLC tokens, which are provided by the QLC Foundation. Additionally, QLC Chain reported the number of QWallet users has grown to more than 60,000 individuals across the globe.

March 25th, Alchemint announced the winners of a reward campaign that distributed 20 SDUSD tokens to five participants.

March 26th, Novem minted an additional 51,605 NNN tokens, which are backed by 516.03 grams of gold.

March 27th, NEO listed on Blue Helix (BHEX) with NEO/USDT and NEO/BTC pairs. To celebrate the listing, BHEX launched a NEO giveaway campaign that will run until April 2nd, 2020.

March 27th, NeoFish distributed rewards to 50 game users as part of its DappReview giveaway campaign.

March 27th, Trinity released an update for March 2020, which included updates on protocols to help the seamless connection of devices in home networks to business networks.

Token Listings

NEO listed on BHEX.