Neo cofounders Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang participated in an AMA to discuss N3, vision, and next steps. In the AMA, the pair talked about how Neo is seeking to incubate new projects in line with industry trends as the enhanced infrastructure and governance for N3 rolls out. Looking forward, the Neo Foundation and Neo Global Development plan to release an early adopter plan for projects and users to migrate to N3.

NGD Enterprise released a series of videos and tutorials to help new developers explore the Neo N3 TestNet. The five videos focus on getting started, using a PrivateNet, working with wallets and assets, building smart contracts, and debugging. The tutorials are focused on building smart contracts and developing NEP-17 tokens.

Developer Groups

Several independent Neo development communities published their first tooling releases for the N3 RC1 TestNet. Developers can use the available infrastructure to begin building applications or integrating existing services with Neo N3 using their language of choice. Examples include NGD Enterprise’s Neo Blockchain Toolkit, AxLabs’ neow3j, COZ’s neo-boa, Neo SPCC’s NeoGo, and COZ’s Neon.js.

COZ released an updated version of neon.js and neo-boa, both of which are now compatible with N3 RC1 TestNet.

COZ launched a new forum for the Neo developer community, providing a new space to discuss the core protocol, developer tools, events, and other topics. To celebrate the launch, the team is running a small competition to promote tool exploration and discussion. Five GAS will be awarded to each of the submitters of the five best questions or discussion topics.

NEXT released its monthly report for March 2021, which noted Neo Line mobile and Chrome, and the Neo Tube blockchain explorer, reaching parity with N3 RC1.

NeoResearch announced the release of NeoCompiler Eco v3, bringing the web-based smart contract development environment up to date with N3 RC1. NeoCompiler Eco makes it easy for developers to test out Neo smart contract development without any initial setup. Developers can access a full suite of tools for testing, compiling, deploying, and invoking smart contracts.


March 29, O3 Labs announced a collaborative partnership with Poly Network to build a blockchain-agnostic trading pool for O3 Swap. O3 Labs stated, “The pool will allow for the open exchange of major assets, which span multiple blockchain networks, and provide a unified token mining experience for multi-chain assets.”

March 29, Nash added support for users to purchase the AAVE cryptocurrency from within the Nash wallet with a 1% fee.

March 30, O3 Labs integrated support for Paraswap, a non-custodial exchange aggregator in the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem.

March 30, Switcheo and Poly Network participated in an AMA hosted by Binance Smart Chain to discuss the interoperability protocol, Demex non-custodial exchange, and moving assets across chains.

March 31, Nash League participants unlocked level four, releasing US $40,000 in prizes to be split among solo and team traders.

April 1, O3 Labs core developer, Blue, participated in an AMA to discuss Swap’s processes, the O3 token, and next steps. In the AMA, Blue announced the O3 Swap aggregator service will offer a new O3 token to incentivize users, liquidity providers, early adopters, and community contributors.

April 2, DeepBrain Chain released its fortnightly report, which noted TestNet developments, building API support, researching new GPU models to support, and more.

April 2, Nash announced plans to integrate Polygon, an Ethereum-based scaling solution. Planned support includes listing the MATIC token, and integrating the Nash fiat gateway with the Polygon network.

April 2, O3 Labs released the O3 Swap lite paper, which includes an overview of the cross-chain swap processes, the O3 token and its economic model, proposed governance, roadmap, and more.

April 4, HashPuppies listed the first five Hash Puppies for auction on the Open Sea NFT platform. The funds from the sales will help subsidize the HashPuppy smart contract migration from Neo Legacy to Neo N3.