The Neo Frontier Launchpad kicked off on Monday, May 24, with the opening of the Planathon phase. The Neo Frontier Launchpad is a development competition offering US $100,000 in prizes to the top 11 teams along with post-event incubation opportunities. The Planathon allows teams to submit a project plan and receive feedback before the hackathon’s Development phase begins, along with multipliers that will increase any prizes won by the team.

Neo co-founder, Da Hongfei, was quoted in a China Daily article about establishing a regional economic partnership among 15 countries that increases access to markets for innovation-oriented companies.

Neo News Today released an article highlighting the developer experience in the Neo ecosystem and its improvements over the previous years.

Developer Groups

COZ announced the results of its internal FlyBy competition. First place went to the “East Side Cryps” for its Streaming Payments dApp, with equal second place awarded to “Cobra Kai” for Neo Voting Statistics, and “undefined trinity” for BetOnFlyBy. More details on the winning projects will be announced soon.

Neo SPCC has open-sourced its HTTP gateway for NeoFS. The release makes it possible to meet any use case, such as smart contract backend integration or hosting traditional web applications. In the announcement, the team provided a guide on running the gateway and using it to interact with objects stored on the NeoFS network.


May 24, TranslateMe updated its Portuguese API to v1.2.

May 24, Switcheo proposed a TIP to upgrade its TradeHub node software to v1.17. The upgrade will include governance proposed tokens, Zilliqa integration, and migration to the Cosmos Stargate update, among other changes.

May 24, MyMingo reported more than 2.1 million FLM tokens had been staked through its platform. 

May 24, Deepbrain Chain distributed DBC rewards for phase one of the DBC MainNet and announced plans to distribute rewards for phase two on May 31, 2021.

May 24, StackOS announced the successful deployment of a Neo node on its decentralized cloud infrastructure by Neo Global Development. The StackOS platform supports the operation of any containerized application with its low-cost distributed infrastructure. The node deployed on StackOS can be used by Neo developers to deploy or invoke smart contracts.

May 25, DeepBrain Chain launched its MainNet with more than 18,000 developers and users on the network. 

May 25, O3 Labs added a new tool on the O3 Swap platform that shows the user’s previous five transactions. 

May 25, The MyMingo team announced they will collaborate with NGD on the next Flamingo Finance feature. The team will focus on building an initial DEX offering module, called Nesting IDO.

May 26, The second Flamingo Finance Perp trading competition concluded. The team intends to distribute FLM rewards in the coming days.

May 26, Nash announced the integration of its fiat ramp into Aave, the first third-party UI to display the ramp on the non-custodial liquidity protocol. 

May 27, Poly Network announced it had surpassed $5 billion in total trade volume.

May 28, DeepBrain Chain launched the DBC MainNet blockchain explorer.

May 28, Switcheo published a Twitter thread about the current and future uses of the SWTH token. Looking forward, the team intends to use SWTH for collateral, as a settlement token, to bond for loans and futures settlements, and for early access to ecosystem activities.