Neo celebrated the fifth anniversary of its MainNet launch on Sunday, Oct. 17. Co-founder, Da Hongfei, delivered a video message to the Neo community looking back over the past five years and forward towards the future.

The Neo N3 MainNet was upgraded to Neo-CLI v3.0.3 on Oct. 14th at 8.00 a.m. (GMT), following a period of stable operations on the N3 TestNet.

Neo Global Development hosted NFT and DeFi-based game, Defina Finance, on Neo Live. Defina VP of Marketing, Juli Chung, joined the AMA to talk about the game’s unique monetization model and how it incorporates blockchain technologies into gameplay. In the AMA, Chung discussed the purpose of the FINA token, details about the DeFi and NFT-based gaming platform, plans to attract users, why the team chose to build on Neo, next steps, and much more. The full transcript can be found at Neo Live participants shared rewards from a pool of 200 USDT.

NGD Enterprise added a new command line developer tool to the Neo Blockchain Toolkit. NeoTrace makes it possible to capture individual transactions or blocks from the Neo N3 MainNet or TestNet and store traces of the executions for debugging. The NGD Enterprise team also provided a quick start guide that includes everything necessary to try out the new utility. The example features the Domain Registrar sample smart contract previously used to demonstrate various Neo Blockchain Toolkit features.

Flamingo Finance announced that it will cease offering its services to Mainland China users at 10:00 a.m. (UTC) on Monday, Oct. 18, 2021. After that time, users with an IP address based out of China won’t be able to access the DeFi platform. The Flamingo team said, “In response to the local regulatory requirements for the industry, the Flamingo team decided to adjust the service scope accordingly.”

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today grant recipient, Robert Oschler, published the second installment of a video series intended to guide developers through the process of migrating an Ethereum Solidity application to Neo N3. In the new episode, Oschler began the journey of developing Neo N3 smart contracts using the C# programming language and Visual Studio Code.

NNT released the r/NEO GasBot, which allows users to send and receive GAS tips on the Neo subreddit. When a user is tipped, a wallet tied to their Reddit account is automatically created. Users can also create their own wallet, fill it with GAS and tip other users.

Developer Groups

Neo SPCC published a new version of NeoGo for N3. The update features a wide range of enhancements and full compatibility with the latest version of the core C# implementation, Neo v3.0.3, now used for the N3 MainNet and TestNet. Documentation updates also accompany the release, including a breakdown of the notary subsystem that is currently unique to the Go implementation.


Oct. 11, TOTHEMOON announced a two-week community campaign entitled The Arts Contest. Contestants can submit any form of artwork inspired by the upcoming strategic community-building NFT game. The contest is live and running through 12:00 p.m. (UTC) on Monday, Oct. 25, 2021.

Oct. 11, O3 Labs Communication Director, Matt Powers, participated in an AMA on the official Polygon Telegram channel. In the AMA, Powers discussed the history of O3 Labs, migrating to Neo N3, plans for the O3 token, and more.  

Oct. 11, NeoDashboard released a VIP page that allows Neo community members access if they have a unique NFT. 

Oct. 11, GhostMarket announced an art-based campaign where participants must create a unique single-edition NFT in the theme of Halloween or the Fall season. The contest runs through Sunday, Oct. 31, and will reward up to US $150 to two winners. Additionally, the team announced weekly raffles rewarding $50 to winners.

Oct. 12, O3 Labs launched the O3 Swap Dashboard, which offers real-time data about liquidity, volume, and transaction records.

Oct. 14, Nash CEO, Kellogg Fairbank, joined the Coin Nations Summit virtual event to deliver a presentation on the state of the current financial system, negative interest rates in traditional finance institutions, and how DeFi empowers consumers.

Oct. 15, InfStones announced the launch of Neo N3 public API services on its platform. InfStones is a Neo Council member and provides decentralized infrastructure focusing on blockchain cloud management. The announcement included a tutorial for creating a new API on N3. 

Oct. 15, Switcheo Labs released its monthly report for Sep. 2021, which noted the integration of a fourth blockchain onto the newly rebranded Carbon protocol, new markets on the non-custodial trading platform, and more. 

Token Listings

Huobi Global custodial exchange listed N3 NEO and GAS. 


Oct. 19: Rentfuse founder, Michael Fabozzi, to join Neo Live AMA.

Oct. 21: NGD Enterprise lead, John deVadoss, to speak at IEEE virtual seminar.