Neo Global Development released Neo-CLI v3.0.3, which fixed a variety of bugs and optimized the user experience. NGD noted that if the new version of Neo-CLI runs well on TestNet, N3 MainNet will undergo an upgrade at 8:00 a.m. (UTC) on Thursday, Oct. 14.

Defina Finance was accepted into the N3 Early Adoption Program and will receive funding, technical support, and other incubation opportunities from NGD. Defina is an online blockchain-based role-playing game that utilizes a play-to-earn model, a new monetization method that integrates tokens into gameplay. In Defina, players own their gaming assets and can monetize them via yield farming in DeFi protocols or trading NFTs. Moving forward, Defina plans to release a set of Neo-based Defina NFT heroes, launch a Neo-exclusive script, and invent more gaming modes on N3.

NGD Enterprise lead, John deVadoss, joined Forkast’s Word on the Block to discuss the InterWork Alliance and the entity’s goal of creating token standards and protocols, the IWA’s merger with the Global Blockchain Business Council, and much more.

NGD hosted GhostMarket founder Vincent Geneste on Neo Live, an AMA session held on the official Neo Telegram channel. In the AMA, Geneste discussed his background in the Neo ecosystem, the complexities of building a multi-chain NFT platform, new use cases for NFTs, and more. Following the event, GhostMarket distributed 10 GHOST NFTs to AMA participants.

Developer Groups

COZ released a preview version of Neon Wallet v2.10 with WalletConnect support and a compatible N3 voting front-end, allowing users to participate in governance before the formal release. Both Ledger and non-Ledger users of Neon Wallet can now use the latest build, RC5, to cast their votes directly without needing to use other wallet solutions.


Oct. 4, QLC Chain released a summary of a recent AMA, which included plans to migrate QLC from Neo to Binance Smart Chain, a pivot into the NFT development space, plans to collaborate with telecom entities, and more.

Oct. 4, Humswap conducted a community content campaign on the official Discord server where the team distributed a Pixel NFT to the winner.

Oct. 5, Switcheo Labs announced that TradeHub will undergo a rebrand and going forward will be known as Carbon. Alongside the rebrand, the Carbon chain will mint a new genesis block. SWTH will remain the governance token on Carbon. Looking forward, the Carbon MainNet is expected to launch when all of the current validators on the network are prepared for the conversion.

Oct. 7, TOTHEMOON released its roadmap on the official Discord server, outlining its launch schedule, a new website front-end, and many more upcoming tasks.

Oct. 8, Poly Network released its monthly report for Sep. 2021, which noted more than US $13 billion in total trade volume, new partnerships, and much more.

Oct. 9, O3 Labs released its monthly report for Sep. 2021, which noted the development of the v2 O3 Swap platform, the addition of Neo N3 support to the O3 Wallet desktop, and more.

Oct. 9, GhostMarket added a “pending actions” page and notification panel to its NFT marketplace platform. This allows users to view pending and confirmed transactions across each supported blockchain network, the status of each transaction, and the previous 48 hours of activity.


Oct. 13: Defina Finance joining Neo Live.

Oct. 13 – 14: Nash CEO, Kellogg Fairbank, speaking at Coin nations Summit 2021.