From September 2nd to September 6th, NEO hosted the inaugural NEO Community Assembly (NCA) 2019 at NEO Global Development (NGD) headquarters in Shanghai, China. The invite-only event gathered representatives from global developer communities for a week of intensive discussions and collaborations. Participants included COZ, NeoResearch, NEO St. Petersburg Competence Center (NEO SPCC), NEO•ONE, Red4Sec, NEO News Today, NewEconoLabs (NEL), NEO-NEXT, Neow3j, and Alienworks.

On Thursday, September 5th, NGD held a press conference at the Hyatt Regency Shanghai as part of the inaugural NCA. During the event, several ecosystem projects announced the launch of new products, including the NEO Blockchain Toolkit and NEO Express from NGD Seattle, a MainNet ready update for the NEO-ONE development suite, and the NeoFS proof-of-concept for developers from NEO SPCC.

Later in the afternoon, NEO hosted a closed round table symposium to discuss various subjects regarding blockchain in China. Participants included leaders from various Chinese and Asian projects, such as: Zongcheng Li, CFO of Bytom; Kevin Feng, COO of VeChain; Jun Li, founder of Ontology; Hongfei Da, CEO of NGD; John Wang, head of ecosystem growth at NEO; Kyn Chaturvedi, CBDO of TomoChain; Yuanjie Zhang, COO of Conflux; and, Tom Tang, CIO of PlatON.

NEO also published a special edition of NEO LIVE, which was a pre-recorded interview featuring representatives from each group attending NCA 2019.

During the week, NGD CEO, Da Hongfei, participated in an interview with Forkast to discuss NEO’s support for multiple programming languages, China’s view on blockchain projects, and NeoFS, while NGD Seattle head, John deVadoss, participated in an interview with FUDTV to discuss NEO’s plans to become the most developer friendly platform.

NNT Catch Up

Splyse announced that its “Safe Remote Purchase” dApp is live on the NEO TestNet and available for real-world testing. The Safe Remote Purchase” dApp allows self-escrow between two non-trusted parties; requiring them to each deposit additional funds into a smart contract that are only released when both parties agree the transaction is completed successfully. Thus, both incentivized to act in good faith to release the funds.

NEO Colorado co-hosted a meetup with Rocky Mountain Blockchain and Denver Blockchain. Dylan Grabowski, founder of NEO Colorado, delivered an “in-depth 101-level” presentation outlining the basics of the NEO blockchain.

Developer Groups

Neow3j released v2.2.0 of its Java library with some key features, including smart contract deployment and invocation features.


September 2nd, Nash released its KYC application for Android on the Google Play store, with the iOS version released on the Apple AppStore soon after.

September 3rd, NewEconoLabs (NEL) released its bi-weekly report for the second half of August, which highlighted updates to NeoRay 2.0 and the incorporation of the NNC token into CardMaker’s “NEO Nature Town.”

September 3rd, FutureDAO released a bi-weekly update, which included various updates on the front-end and server-side of the project.

September 3rd, NEO NEXT released its monthly report for August, which included the release of, a website that provides information on NEO dApps, as well as transaction data of dApps across other platforms.

September 3rd, QLC Chain released its monthly report for August, which revealed the QLC Chain network currently has 276 nodes. It also noted that more than 74 million QLC tokens are currently staked, and outlined various product development updates.

September 3rd, Travala announced that it plans to migrate its AVA token to the Binance Chain and begin a token buyback and burn program. In a Medium post published by the company, Travala stated the move was part of its “determination to improve the token economics of its native token (AVA), while offering faster processing times, better performance and ease of on-chain use of AVA within the platform.”

September 3rd, Aphelion updated its wallet to version 4.1.0, which includes integration of the ERC-20 token standard.

September 4th, Alphacat released its bi-monthly report for the second half of August, which highlighted product development on its real-time forecasting system and 104 dApp listings in the ACAT store.

September 4th, Narrative announced its listing on State of the dApps.

September 4th, BlaCat announced its plans to conduct a Digital Security Offering (DSO) for the purposes of raising US $10 million in funding “to enhance [the] BlaCat platform and make it available to all of the most creative minds in gaming.”

September 4th, Magic Cube announced the release of its DNC token. The DNC token aims to “[lower] transaction fees, encouraging people to engage in larger token transactions, and allowing users to exchange their tokens for MCC.”

September 5th, Jarvis+ released its bi-weekly report highlighting updates on its WeChat application and events attended.

September 7th, NeoFish announced the launch of the third “Neo Breeding Competition,” which will take place from September 5th through October 5th. A total prize pool of 400 NEO and 35% of the breeding fees accumulated will be distributed to the winners of the competition.

September 8th, Bridge Protocol released a monthly cryptocurrency regulation update.

Token Listings

TMN listed on CoinCodex.


September 12th: NEO LIVE – QLC Chain.

October 2-4th: Da Hongfei speaking at Delta Summit – Valetta, Malta