On June 20th, 2018 the CCID Institute of Blockchain Research led by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published their second round evaluations of selected blockchain projects known as The Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index.

The CCID Research Institute evaluates three dimensions of a blockchain, including: technology, applications, and innovation. The reasoning behind the creation of the index was due to a “lack of completely independent assessment/rating” for crypto assets and blockchain projects.

The first round of rankings was released in May, where NEO placed 4th out of 28 evaluated projects behind Ethereum, Steem and Lisk. The June index evaluated 30 projects and saw NEO rise to 3rd behind Ethereum and EOS. NEO also maintained the highest rating in the “applications” category.

The Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index work was released at the “In the Teeth of the Storm, Next Super Chain” blockchain forum held at the Shanghai Science Hall.

The report will continue to be published on a monthly basis.