NewEconoLabs has posted a NEO Name Service development update on its Medium as it moves towards its MainNet launch. The NEO Name Service project will allow users to create .neo top level domain names (TLD) to replace script hashes and wallet addresses.

Completed work included the NEO domain name auction flow. Users will be able to tell the status of a domain name by its bid status upon searching for a name:

  • Unregistered domain names will have an “opening bid” button available to start the bid registration process.
  • If a name is in an active auction, users will be able to participate in the bidding
  • Registered names that have closed auctions will not be available for purchase

Bid information will be available on the auction details page.

Optimisations were also made to the GAS to SGAS conversion function and contract calls. SGAS is a NEP-5 asset that is bound to GAS based on a ratio of 1:1 to facilitate the use of GAS in application contracts.

Other achievements include a full test of the NEO Name Service application, the completion of the NNS developer handbook, and the integration of NNS into the NEO wallet WeChat mini-program.

NewEconoLabs will not be holding a token sale for NEO Name Service, but instead will be airdropping 1% of its NNC token supply to NEO holders at a ratio of 1 NEO to 0.1 NNC (for example, 10 NEO = 1 NNC).

More information on NewEconoLabs and NEO Name Service can be found at the links below.