AfricaN3 recently launched Neo Wordle, a game where participants solve word puzzles to earn GAS rewards. Users are also able to create puzzles for others to solve.

AfricaN3 is a recently founded community in Nigeria, and Neo Wordle is the team’s first dApp. In a conversation with NNT, AfricaN3 co-founder Kunjon noted that the dApp is meant to attract new users to the Neo platform. He said, “It’s more of a community-building tool/real world example for training potential African devs.”

Wordle is a word game that is updated daily. The game was created by Josh Wardle in 2021, and was purchased by the New York Times in 2022. Players have six attempts at solving the five-letter word puzzle, and each attempt must be a valid word. After each guess is made, the color of the tiles will change to let the player know how close their guess was.

Neo Wordle differs from its predecessor in that players can participate in the game twice per day. Once a player solves a word, a new puzzle is generated. If a player fails to solve the first puzzle, they can still attempt to solve the day’s second puzzle.

Source: Neo Wordle

To create a game, a user must create a title, offer a description, supply GAS rewards, select a number of rounds, and provide a keyword. The keyword is used to search the Twitter API for a five-letter word to populate the puzzle. The title and description could give a clue to the player as to what the hidden word might be. The GAS that was put up for rewards will be split amongst winners over the number of rounds the puzzle creator chose.

When a creator funds a Neo Wordle game, it is added to the queue on the AfricaN3 website. Winners of each round are awarded after each game has been completed.

Currently, the game creator doesn’t receive any reward once a round is complete. However, this could change in the future. According to Kunjon, future revenue could derive from fees for supporting other tokens as rewards or when players purchase power-ups that enable them to play more often. Or, fees could be derived from creators that pay for power-ups to get their sponsored round listed at the front of the queue.

Both Neo Wordle creators and winners will earn points for playing the game. In the future, these points will have utility on the AfricaN3 website but are currently undetermined and solely act as an incentive to attract players.

Neo Wordle works with the NeoLine wallet on desktop computers and the OneGate wallet on mobile phones.

AfricaN3 currently has an open proposal on GrantShares and is seeking funding to help grow the Neo community in Africa.

More information can be found at the link below: