General Updates

Neo established a partnership with Simplex, a fiat on- and off-ramp provider offering access to more than 115 fiat currencies. As part of the partnership, users can purchase NEO and GAS without going through external exchanges and fiat-to-cryptocurrency payment gateways. The partnership is part of Neo Global Development’s efforts to improve the accessibility of NEO and GAS.

GrantShares proposals An analysis of the two tokens NEO economy (Milestone 1) and Citizens Assemblies for DAOs went into time lock and will see funding released on Monday, Sep. 12. The Neo Blockchain Club at Uganda Christian University was put onchain and is awaiting an endorsement from a voting member. And, the Neo Meetup Juba proposal was put forth for discussion.

NGD hosted a Neo Live AMA with Metaisland’s CEO Nicolas Choukroun, blockchain developer Ilya Nenilin, and marketing manager Sanni Muhammed. In the AMA, the trio discussed their experience in the gaming industry, the broad overarching view of the metaverse, the complexity of building a blockchain-based game, how they plan to integrate Neo into the platform, how play-to-earn mechanisms are intertwined with the game, and much more.

NGD released its general monthly report for July 2022, which noted news from events, partnerships, community proposals, and more. Examples include listing highlights from the GrantShares community funding DAO, dApps from Neo-oriented hackathons, the launch of the five-week Draper University program, the conclusion of the second round of the Neospective community art contest, and more. 

NudesToken released statistics surrounding the Nudes Army meme platform over the previous week, which noted approximately 4,500 users and the burning of roughly 41.56 billion NUDES tokens from platform activity. The NudesToken team also airdropped 1 trillion NUDES tokens to wallets that used the meme platform before Monday, Sep. 5. 

Blockchain Cuties announced that it intends to migrate assets from Neo Legacy to Neo N3 in the coming weeks.

Developer Updates

NEXT noted that the NeoLine chrome wallet no longer supports Neo N3 TestNet T4 and fully supports the T5 version of the TestNet.

NNT Catch Up

AfricaN3 recently launched Neo Wordle, a game where participants solve word puzzles to earn GAS rewards. Users are also able to create puzzles for others to solve. To do so, a user will need to fund a round with GAS and input additional information for the algorithm to generate a word for players to solve. AfricaN3 is a recently founded community in Nigeria, and Neo Wordle is the team’s first dApp.

NNT continued its Polaris feature series with an article on NeoDashboard, which won an Excellence Award in the recent Neo Polaris Launchpad. NeoDashboard is a platform that offers dashboards for the NEP-11 token market cap, DeFi applications in the Neo ecosystem, NFT data, and other statistics. NeoDashboard is a source of aggregated data and statistics pertinent to the Neo N3 blockchain. The website aggregates social media and news sources, and offers modules that display activity across facets of the ecosystem.


Sep. 15: NNT will join ShillYourProposal on the GrantShares Twitter space.