NeoDashboard is a statistics and analytics website that launched in May 2021, and won an Excellence Award in the recent Neo Polaris Launchpad. The platform offers dashboards for the NEP-11 token market cap, DeFi applications in the Neo ecosystem, NFT data, and other statistics. The stats and data website was submitted to Polaris by a pseudonymous developer who prefers to go by the platform’s namesake, NeoDashboard. In a conversation with NNT, NeoDashboard discussed their inspiration:

There wasn’t really a single thing that inspired me to build NeoDashboard. At first, it was more that I built some scripts for myself, and then I saw others looking for a GAS earning simulator. So, I built it into a simple webpage.
 Afterward, I saw that some NFTs had utility to unlock content on webpages, so I wanted to do the same on Neo and added the VIP page to NeoDashboard. The same thing happened again and I wanted to integrate RentFuse proxy mode and test random number generation into a smart contract. There is always something new and I love to learn new things so that’s what makes me keep building and integrating them on NeoDashboard.

On top of the Excellence Award, NeoDashboard received a multiplier of 1.1 in the Neo Polaris Launchpad, bringing its total reward to US $8,800.

NeoDashboard Modules

NeoDashboard is a source of aggregated data and statistics pertinent to the Neo N3 blockchain. The website shares information about NEP-11 and NEP-17 tokens, aggregates social media and news sources, and offers modules that display activity across facets of the ecosystem. Modules include:

  • A DeFi page that conveys information about volumes and APR returns from liquidity pools using data from Flamingo Finance. Liquidity pools and NEP-17 tokens on Flamingo are ranked from most liquidity to least, and are updated hourly.
  • An NFT page that displays information about NFT projects that use the N3 blockchain. Information about the projects includes total holders, total volume, the average price of pieces in the collection, and more. The information on the NFT pages are also updated every hour.
  • A tools page, including an earnings simulator that allows users to see how much GAS they will receive for the amount of NEO used to vote for a Neo Council member. Additionally, a WatchTheBurn tab displays the amount of GAS burnt from system fees on contract calls.

NFT Utility

NeoDashboard was among the first projects to incorporate utility into an NFT following the launch of N3 MainNet. In late 2021, NeoDashboard released the VIP Pass NFT, which unlocks a special access portion of the website where users can chat with one another and participate in price prediction games and treasure hunts. NeoDashboard’s developer noted that around 70 VIP passes have been sold on NFT marketplaces.

Source: NeoDashboard

However, moving forward, VIP Pass NFT holders will need to burn the original NFT on the GhostMarket website in exchange for a new one. The first version of the VIP Pass NFT did not support features like Rentfuse, which allows users to lease or borrow NFTs, because the NFT was created before that standard existed in the Neo ecosystem.

Once the NFT is burnt, NeoDashboard will manually send a new version of the VIP Pass NFT to the original token holder.


Since the Polaris Launchpad, NeoDashboard has staked all of their rewards from the event (wallet found here) and stated the ensuing staking rewards will be used for community giveaways and events. Additionally, the developer intends to purchase NFTs from ecosystem projects and distribute those to the community through giveaways.

NeoDashboard plans on releasing two contracts in the coming quarter, including a SpinTheWheel and a Giveaway contract.

With the SpinTheWheel, users will send GAS to the contract to play the game and receive GAS if they win. Users will be able to access SpinTheWheel with a VIP Pass NFT or a SpinTheWheel ticket. Initially, SpinTheWheel tickets will be available through Twitter giveaways, but ultimately will be available for purchase on the NeoDashboard website.

With the Giveaway contract, users will be able to establish a prize – either NEP-11 or NEP-17 tokens – for distribution to the community when various requirements have been met. For example, participants might need to hold ‘x’ amount of NEP-17 tokens or a specific NFT to be entered into a giveaway. To host a giveaway, users will need to contact NeoDashboard to become an authorized creator of events.

Ultimately, the team intends to develop APIs and a command line interface to provide dApps with information about the Neo N3 network and other projects utilizing the Neo blockchain.

To learn more about NeoDashboard, visit the link below: