TOTHEMOON Resource Token holders can begin staking tokens and earning Resource Deed NFTs around Oct. 1. Resource Deed NFTs will allow users to randomly mint Resource NFTs, and will be distributed to users that stake tokens for at least 30 consecutive days. In the coming weeks, TTM will announce a concrete date for the launch of Resource Token staking.

Within the TOTHEMOON metaverse, Resource Tokens are required for building Moon Infrastructure and will also be associated with specific Resource NFTs for additional benefits. Five types of NEP-17 resource tokens and their associated Resource NFTs can boost staking rewards and decrease the staking requirements for building corresponding Moon Infrastructure. In the image below, the token symbols in the top row are resource tokens (from left to right: TGAS, WATT, LITH, HIST, and MAG), and the associated Resource NFT symbols are listed under each.


The table below outlines the total supply and benefits each Resource NFT offers:

Resource Stake Boost/Decrease Total NFT Supply
GAS TGAS 10% 1,000
Straight Mushroom WATT 5% 750
Curved Mushroom WATT 10% 250
Lithium Moon Rock LITH 10% 1,000
Moon Fossil 1 HIST 5% 150
Moon Fossil 2 HIST 10% 100
Raw Moon Stone MAG 5% 200
Moon Stone MAG 10% 50

At the time of press, the only way to accumulate Resource Tokens is through the TTM Battle Arenas, where Fused Cryptonaut NFTs can participate in player-versus-player competitions.

Resource Deed NFT Tiers

To earn a Resource Deed NFT, users must stake a certain amount of Resource Tokens, placing them into a tier for a minimum of 30 days. The more MAG, HIST, LITH, WATT, and TGAS the user stakes, the higher the tier.

Higher tiers reward stakers with Resource Deed NFTs with higher “Mint Chance” attributes, which offer a higher chance of redeeming a Resource Deed NFT for a Resource NFT. Staking requirements can be found below:

Staking Tier Token Requirements Mint Chance Attribute
7 200 MAG
400 HIST
600 LITH
800 WATT
1,000 TGAS
6 1,000 MAG
2,000 HIST
3,000 LITH
4,000 WATT
5,000 TGAS
5 2,000 MAG
4,000 HIST
6,000 LITH
8,000 WATT
10,000 TGAS
4 5,000 MAG
10,000 HIST
15,000 LITH
20,000 WATT
25,000 TGAS
3 10,000 MAG
20,000 HIST
30,000 LITH
40,000 WATT
50,000 TGAS
2 15,000 MAG
30,000 HIST
45,000 LITH
60,000 WATT
75,000 TGAS
1 20,000 MAG
40,000 HIST
60,000 LITH
80,000 WATT
100,000 TGAS

The 30-day countdown begins once the appropriate amount of Resource Tokens has been staked into the Staking Tier Pool. Resource Tokens can be removed from Staking Tier Pools at any point, but any time accrued toward a Resource Deed NFT will be erased.

Once a Resource Deed NFT is minted, it can be traded or sold on the official TTM Marketplace or on GhostMarket. Resource NFT minting is scheduled to begin in late Q4 2022.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: