General Updates

Neo Global Development welcomed Metaisland into the EcoBoost program, where NGD will provide support and incubation opportunities to help Metaisland enter the market. The developers of the upcoming multiplayer open-world action-adventure game are planning to include Neo in the gameplay environment. Within the platform, players will be able to swap the game’s native ISL token between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and other chains alongside Neo. Ultimately, the development team intends to support in-game assets and characters represented as NFTs across multiple chains.

GrantShares proposal An analysis of the two tokens NEO economy (Milestone 1) was endorsed by Neo Global Development, while Citizens Assemblies for DAOs was endorsed by AxLabs. Both proposals are now in the voting phase which concludes on Sep. 9. Three new proposals were submitted, including Tip Me Gas, Neo Blockchain Club at Uganda Christian University, and AfricaN3: Building the African Smart Economy and providing value to the Neo Ecosystem. 

GrantShares also updated its dApp, adding support for additional proposal types and a new treasury page to show funds and allocations. The proposal type option provides new possibilities. For example, proposals may now be submitted to directly manage the DAO by modifying treasury sponsors, DAO members, supported tokens, and more. The Treasury tab provides a transparent view of GrantShares’ funding situation, including available and allocated funds with token breakdowns.

NudesToken is hosting a meme contest through Sep. 12, and will reward users for submitting memes related to the upcoming Ethereum Merge. Winners will share from a pool equivalent to US $2,200 in NUDES tokens and a Nudes Army OG NFT. The team also airdropped 1 trillion NUDES tokens to anyone who performed a task on the Nudes Army website before Monday, Sep. 5. Additionally, NudesToken co-founder Adrian Fjellberg joined the GhostMarket Twitter space to talk about the origin story of the NudesToken project, the role projects have in protecting users in the blockchain space, and more.

UFO Gaming CEO UFoger and community rep Ace joined the Neo Live AMA series to discuss the team’s upcoming gaming platform. In the AMA, the team discussed the history of UFO Gaming and the team’s background, an overview of the gaming and NFT platform, the upcoming launch of its first game, plans to build an independent game on Neo, the ecosystem’s multi-token model, the tokens’ use cases, and more. Participants in the AMA were eligible to earn one of ten spots to access the alpha version of the studio’s debut game, Super Galactic.

COZ marketing leader Danny Heaven and developer Ricardo Prado joined the GrantShares ShillYourProposal Twitter space to talk about the Training Program for Neo project that was recently awarded a grant. The duo spoke about the philosophy behind the education-based program, the tooling the program will use to teach, the types of users the team will prepare guides for, and more.

Web3 Italia, a GrantShares award recipient, launched its Telegram channel and official website.

PolyNetwork released a recap of the Flamingo AMA, covering tokens currently trading on the non-custodial exchange, features of the DeFi platform, the FLUND single-sided staking token, utilizing cross-chain bridges, and the upcoming FUSD stablecoin. Flamingo also released trading metrics for Aug. 2022, which noted approximately $57m in trading volume across roughly 44,000 trades.

GhostMarket published a weekly update report, noting an upcoming artists verification period, the top collections of the week, and exchanges where the GM token is listed.

NeoLine updated the NeoTube blockchain explorer websites and announced plans to remove TestNet for Neo Legacy.

Switcheo founder Ivan Poon joined the Citizen Cosmos to discuss building a non-custodial exchange, order books, stablecoins, exciting web3 technologies, and more.

Developer Updates

COZ noted that its suite of developer tools was updated to support the Neo N3 T5 network.

NGD released its technical development monthly report for July 2022, which noted updates to the Neo blockchain as well as updates from the global developer community.