NewEconoLabs, a China-based development group, has released NeoRay 2.0, a web-based smart contract debugger for the NEO blockchain. NeoRay 2.0 follows up on the December 2018 release of the NeoRay debugger with Python support and a host of other improvements.

NeoRay Version 2.0

NewEconoLabs’ debugger has been revised with new features. Users interested in debugging contracts and testing its features should install the Teemo extension wallet, currently available for the Google Chrome web browser. The Teemo extension handles the deployment and calling of smart contracts directly on the NEO blockchain’s TestNet, and is required to access the debugger’s full suite of features.

The 2.0 redesign of NeoRay has added the ability to write and save code locally in a third-party editor such as Microsoft Visual Studio, and import the code directly from the file on their computer. NeoRay’s web-based editor is also available for those who prefer to write in their browser.

Further, NeoRay 2.0 features a streamlined UX for deploying, calling, and debugging contracts. In 1.0, each module existed on a seperate page, requiring the user to navigate between them to execute tasks. Instead, NeoRay 2.0 includes a tabbed menu on the left hand side so that the user can select the function as required in an application-like manner.

NeoRay has also expanded into multiple languages, as Python support joins C# as a supported language.

TestNet GAS Faucet

One of NeoRay’s original features, a built-in faucet to distribute TestNet GAS for smart contracts, continues in NeoRay 2.0.

Developers who need TestNet GAS to deploy their smart contract can request 500 TestNet GAS for their wallet per day (no cash value) at the press of a button.

NEO 3.0 TestNet

NewEconoLabs states that “NeoRay will follow up” with support for the NEO 3.0 TestNet after the Teemo extension wallet adds support for the NEO 3.0 TestNet.

Getting Started

Programmers who are looking to get their feet wet with NeoRay can look back to previous NEO News Today coverage for a brief guide on the steps to compile, publish, and debug contracts.

NeoRay 2.0 can be found at

The NeoRay 2.0 announcement from NewEconoLabs can be viewed in full at the following link: