During the .NET Conference 2019, NEO announced that it had joined the Microsoft created .NET Foundation – making it the first blockchain project to join the organization. NEO said that together, “NEO and the .NET Foundation will further empower millions of developers to build the foundation for next-gen Internet.”

NGD hosted an English NEO LIVE AMA on Telegram with the founder of NewEconoLabs (NEL) and FutureDAO, Yongxin (Bruce) Liu. In the NEO LIVE AMA, Liu describes the DAICO funding and governance process, FutureDAO’s approach to the financing and seeding of projects in the gaming market, and products NEL has worked on in 2019.

NNT Catch Up

QLC Chain recently announced that registered users of the China Mobile Guangdong branch will soon be able to use QGas to pay for their 4G mobile plans. QLC Chain claims that the Guangdong branch is China Mobile’s largest provincial carrier branch with over 162 million mobile phone users and more than CN¥20 billion net profit from 4G services in 2018.

Developer Groups

Neow3j published its v2.3 update of its Java, Kotlin, and Android-oriented tool kit. The updates make it easier for developers to read information returned by the getapplicationlog and invoke RPC methods.

NEL released NeoRay v2.0, which included updates to the interface, usage flow, and contract invocation methods. NEL reports this “greatly [reduces] the learning threshold for contract debugging and [makes] it easier for newcomers to get started.” In the short-term, NEL will work on adapting its Teemo wallet application to the recently released NEO3 Preview1 code and do the same for NeoRay v2.0 afterward.


September 23rd, the Switcheo exchange was down for maintenance and server upgrades. Trading and other UI functionalities were disabled for two hours to ensure a smooth upgrade.

September 24th, Switcheo halted trading and deposit of Moonlight tokens (LX) to support the LX token contract migration following an update.

September 24th, QLC Chain released its fortnightly report, which included news about its China Mobile partnership, an update to the QWallet, its NEO LIVE transcript, and the one year anniversary of Confidant.

September 25th, Moonlight confirmed the successful migration of its LX token smart contract on the NEO MainNet. According to Moonlight, the LX smart contract migrated to the following hash: 9c1f315264200988a0d2fbb5489f2c9adb9c765f.

September 25th, Yezcoin announced an upcoming airdrop of its YEZ token to NEO token holders that have at least 1 NEO in their wallet. Each user will receive 5 YEZ.

September 25th, Narrative launched a crowdfunding campaign via Wefunder. While the fundraising campaign can run indefinitely, Wefunder requires that Narrative raise at least $350,000 to disperse funds raised. However, Narrative has set a target for US $1.07 million in capital. Investors who participate in the campaign will receive equity in the form of a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE).

September 26th, QLC Chain released GO-QLC v.1.0.2, which includes a new desktop version that offers control over nodes, and additional fixes.

September 26th, Blocklords announced the end of its generation-zero items, which were released at the genesis of the game. The last NEO armor limited edition items were dropped this week. Recent game updates include improved battles, troop and armory systems, and the soon to be lowered generation-one prices.

September 26th, BlaCat released an article highlighting the logic behind choosing to conduct a security token offering (STO) for its fundraise.

September 27th, Switcheo re-listed the Moonlight (LX) token on its non-custodial exchange, which is paired with NEO. Additionally, Switcheo concluded the SWH to SWTH token swap process at 12:00 pm (UTC +8). Those who did not conduct the token swap by the 27th are no longer able to claim SWTH tokens under any circumstances.

September 27th, NEO Colorado hosted an informal meetup entitled “NEO and Beer.” Conversations at the event centered around the NEO Community Assembly held earlier in September in Shanghai, and NEO3.

September 29th, Trinity released its fortnightly report, which highlights the Trinity protocol adapting to NEO v2.10.3 and transaction smart contract optimizations.

Token Listings

Updated LX token listed on Switcheo.


October 2-4th: Da Hongfei speaking at Delta Summit – Valetta, Malta.

October 5th: John Wang speaking at Unblock Tokyo: Ecosystem Fast Track – Tokyo, Japan.

October 10th: NEO LIVE – CardMaker.