Neo Global Development has launched Round 1 of a new creation contest titled Neospective, designed to drive the adoption and growth of Neo by leveraging the wide range of skills and unique perspectives that community members have to offer. Neospective is described as a long-term content collaboration program aiming to enable another way for community members to engage with Neo and make meaningful contributions.

Community members are called to create and submit unique contributions utilizing their own skills and passions. Each round of Neospective will focus on a different type of content. Round 1, with submissions open now through January 8th, focuses on creative diagram designs. Participants are encouraged to share their knowledge and passion for Neo N3 through a diagram shaped by their perspective.

At the conclusion of the Round 1 submission period, NGD will host a public poll to allocate prizes to the top submissions. Up to 24 submissions will be rewarded, with a first-place prize of US $600 awarded in $NEO. Voters will be entered into a random drawing to receive one of 20 Neoverse NFT Blind Boxes. In addition to official contest entries, submissions are encouraged to be shared on r/Neo, where other community members can tip in $GAS via the GasBot.

Furthermore, Flamingo, GhostMarket, Humswap, and TOTHEMOON are each sponsoring a sub-track to the main-track competition. Participants can compete to earn additional prizes by relating a submission’s theme to one of the above sponsors. These additional prizes include 1,000 FLM tokens, a $100 GhostMarket token, one of multiple Humswap BOWL NFTs, and one of multiple Cryptonaut and Moon Creature NFTs.

Submissions may be designed to target the main-track and/or a sub-track of the competition.

Full contest details are available at the link below:

Written by Ryan Hasselbeck