CEO of vEmpire Dominic Ryder joined Neo Global Development’s AMA series, Neo Live, on Dec. 7. vEmpire is a new DAO model that aims to establish a more democratic system while incentivizing staking various tokens through a blend of DeFi and play-to-earn games. It aims to do this by holding large stakes of governance tokens in metaverse networks and using them to participate in governance processes. vEmpire token stakes receive interest in the native VEMP token, as well as tokens of the other projects the DAO has stakes.

In the AMA, Ryder talked about a fair governance model, vEmpire’s model for staking in multiple projects, distributing yield to VEMP stakers, supporting a NEO pool, and the project’s roadmap.

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Sam Wang (NGD marketing): Hello, I would like to thank all members of the Neo community for joining today for vEmpire AMA event. Nice to see you all.

vEmpire DDAO LTD, a metaverse project, and Neo recently formed a strategic partnership to enable greater and more decentralized community investment and governance across Neo’s GameFi- and metaverse-based projects.

With its unique blend of DeFi and play-to-earn gaming, vEmpire is set to act as a catalyst to further enhance and expand Neo’s NFT, GameFi, and metaverse ecosystem.

It’s our pleasure to have Dominic from vEmpire DDAO here with us today.

Hello, Dominic.

Dominic Ryder (vEmpire CEO):  Hey, everybody!

Q1: What is a DDAO, and what is the vEmpire DDAO?

Dominic: vEmpire DDAO is a Layer 2 metaverse protocol. We are built around and encompass multiple projects.

We facilitate DeFi like staking pools of metaverse tokens, paying yields in our token VEMP as the primary yield, then using the tokens staked to build a giant war chest of virtual property, NFTs, and real estate within these worlds.

We apply play-to-earn games both on our platform and within metaverses. Our first platform game is due at the end of this week, and we have games ready to go for Sandbox’s launch.

Our DAO is a Democratic DAO (DDAO). In tons of DAOs, any whale, developer, or founder can always outvote the community as they have more tokens. With us, it is one vote per wallet above a set minimum. True democracy where the community has the same say as the team.

Q2: What killer features does vEmpire DDAO have?

Dominic: vEmpire has a variety of unique advantages being such a new project, as well as great advisers and partners.

Some examples of killer features include:

  • World’s first Metaverse token staking platform
  • No Competitors
  • First mover advantage
  • Started before the hype
  • Many assets in The Sandbox & Decentraland
  • 20% ownership of Starlinks Metaverse and largest token holder
  • Guild and almost 400 scholars
  • On platform gaming
  • Within Metaverse gaming
  • New Democratic DAO (DDAO)
  • Four Mentions from Jiho, including on our AXS staking pool

Our advisers include:

  • Julien Bouteloup (Stake Capital, Stake DAO, Blackpool, Rekt,
  • Jonny Caplan (LoveTrain Labs Marketing & Strategy Team, host of Amazon Prime’s “TechTalk”)

Our partners include:

  • Neo
  • Chainlink
  • MEXC Global,, Bittrex
  • Polygon
  • InfluenceETH
  • ICO Pantera
  • Allies with Shiba Inu & within that ecosystem

Q3: What benefits does Neo provide to vEmpire and how do you see vEmpire supporting or promoting the Neo ecosystem?

Dominic: Yes, so NEO was one of the first tokens I ever purchased back in 2018! So, I was already very familiar with the ecosystem. Myself and one of their team shared a separate group in common, and so discussions began from there.

vEmpire is there, and our purpose is to continually purchase high-quality metaverse and GameFi assets while providing staking options for tokens.

It is a win-win scenario as staking can produce more scarcity and thus potential value for a token. Having vEmpire DDAO & VEMP as a partner means we are there ready and waiting to purchase high-quality assets. This gives an attractive proposition to all parties.

Q4: What are some recent collaborations and developments vEmpire has achieved?

Dominic: We have announced recent partnerships with influence.eth, as well as with you, Neo. We also have upcoming staking pools with Star Atlas, and a bridge to the Solana ecosystem.

And, of course, our game at the end of this week!

Q5: What is on the roadmap for vEmpire?

Dominic: Our game release is this week. In Q1 2022, we have our Star Atlas SOL and NEO staking pools. We already have demos available to view both of the trading card games. Here are some examples and demos of our Sandbox games:

Trading card demo, plus OpenSea:

Sandbox games

Source: vEmpire

Q6: Can VEMP NFT be staked to earn VEMP tokens? Will there also be a way for renting out VEMP NFT’s?

Dominic: As we alluded to in our roadmap, we will be implementing something along these lines in terms of staking. However, our NFTs can be used to boost your hand in our upcoming play-to-earn game.

We are also developing a system that will have something along those rental lines and allow for scholarship models.

Q7: Could you articulate the VEMP token economic model and its utility within the network?

Dominic: At present, everything is locked, and the majority is released over a considerable period of 21 years. All investors, teams, and advisers are also locked linearly.

Source: vEmpire

vEmpire’s purpose is to continually purchase high-quality metaverse and GameFi assets while providing staking options for tokens.

It is a win-win scenario as staking can produce more scarcity. Therefore, the potential value for a token and having vEmpire DDAO and VEMP as a partner means we are ready and waiting to purchase high-quality assets. This gives an attractive proposition to all parties.

In terms of our utility, our token, when staked, allows users to access profit from five staking pools and over ten metaverse and GameFi protocols currently. These are all distributed to VEMP stakers.

Q8: What is the reason behind a total VEMP token supply of 810,720,000? Why not a round number?

Dominic: I get asked this one a lot. So, because our protocol is a mixture between GameFi, metaverse, and DeFi, I had to be very particular. So, rather than just picking a round number, I went from how much VEMP we needed to be released from our total supply per Ethereum block. These average every 12-18 seconds!

This is why the number is so specific! Because we worked it out based on Ethereum blocks rather than just going for a round number.

Q9: VEMP holders can stake their tokens for voting rights in the DDAO. Are all decisions to be voted on by the DDAO, or do the creators decide some?

Dominic: So the DDAO has the freedom to vote or change anything it sees fit.

In the early stages, we are making strategic decisions. As you can imagine, when you are buying NFTs and metaverse properties, if every purchase were made public before being bought, people would raise the prices if they knew we were interested!

The community has been pleased with our leadership, but they are free to amend any decisions at will.

Q10: Do VEMP tokens have farming and staking usages, and if yes, what APR do you give?

Dominic: Alongside the 34% APR in VEMP on Ethereum, we also yield another 15% on top in ETH.

As well as the 237% APR on AXS, we are also returning another 15% in AXS and another 15% on top in SLP.

So, we are a dual or triple yield aggregator on all our metaverse staking strategies.

Please take a look at the image below.

Source: vEmpire

Sam: Thanks for join us, Dominic, and delivering an excellent AMA! And, thank you to everyone for participating.

Dominic: Thanks so much for having me! Please join our socials below:

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