Mercurial Apps has released a dApp for trading NFTs and tokens, and a Humswap BOWL tracker. Mercurial Apps now offers three products in the Neo ecosystem, with the new applications joining its Neoverse NFT tracker.

N3 Trader

N3 Trader is a decentralized peer-to-peer trading platform that allows users to establish a direct trade for NEP-11 and NEP-17 tokens.

Users can create a trade with a specific wallet address, or create an open trade allowing anyone to participate as a taker. Trades will remain open until a taker completes the trade or the maker closes it.

The maker puts the NEP-11 or NEP-17 token(s) into an escrow account, where it resides until a taker agrees to the terms of the trade. Once the taker accepts, the maker must approve the trade before the assets can be swapped. The maker can cancel the trade at any point until it is final.

NFT Trackers

Mercurial Apps has also launched the Humswap NFT tracker, which shows information about Humswap’s newly minted BOWL NFTs. The tracking website monitors the total amount of BOWLs minted, and allows users to sort through the supply according to utility or visual traits.

Eventually, the team aims to include information on the rarity of BOWL and traits.

At the time of press, 3,288 BOWLs have been minted on Neo N3.

The new products join Mercurial Apps’ N3 Neoverse NFT tracker, launched in Oct., 2021. It collects and tracks Neoverse NFT transaction information using on-chain event notifications. The tracker displays data such as the number of Neoverse NFT holders, 24-hour sales volume, and the average price of the three different types of Neoverse NFTs (i.e., blind box, fragment, and series). Additionally, the website shows the owner of each Neoverse affiliated NFT, and if it is listed for sale on GhostMarket.