NEXT has announced the release of NeoLine mobile wallet version 2.0, which includes a rebrand and new functionality. Additionally, a bug bounty for the updated NeoLine app is underway and will run through April 13th, 2020.

The new NeoLine wallet features a redesign that references the Neo brand, along with UI changes and a reorganization of in-app features. It also includes an account system which allows users to link their NeoLine mobile app with email addresses or cell phone number for integration with future cloud-based wallet functionality.

NEXT has released a guide to walk users through the basics of the updated of application, including how to create a new wallet, import an existing wallet, and navigate the new homepage layout and user settings.

Android users can update NeoLine directly from Google Play, whereas iOS users are currently required to use TestFlight access the app.

Bug Bounty

NEXT is currently conducting a NeoLine bounty program that will run through Monday, April 13th, 2020Participants will be rewarded in NEO and GAS for reporting issues such as asset transfer problems, typos, and broken UI or app navigation. The NEXT team believes the three most important areas of focus include page jump errors, items on pages that are displayed in a disorderly fashion, and general user experience issues.

Points will be assigned to users based on the severity of the reported issues to determine the amount of NEO or GAS to be rewarded. A handful of known bugs included in the announcement are not eligible for rewards.

To participate, users must save screenshots of any issues found in NeoLine v2.0 and submit them via the QR code contained within the announcement, or visit the following link:

For near real-time updates on the status of user-submitted bugs, participants can join the NeoLine Telegram channel and communicate with the development team. Bounty rewards are tentatively to be announced at 9:00 pm (UTC-4)

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