Morpheus Labs, a Singapore-based startup that aims to create an enterprise-grade development platform and marketplace for blockchain applications, has announced the addition of the .NET environment into its stack. By extending its platform to be able to develop and run applications in the .NET environment, the team intends to improve the accessibility of its services to enterprise applications.

The integration brings with it support for the Neo Blockchain Toolkit, which can now be used as part of the Morpheus Labs CDE (collaborative development environment).

Developed by Neo Global Development Seattle, the Neo Blockchain Toolkit includes a range of utilities for developers, allowing them to create, debug, and test smart contracts on the Neo blockchain. After using the toolkit to create and test contracts, developers will be able to leverage other tools in the CDE to build cloud-ready applications.

Morpheus Labs first integrated Neo into its service stack in June 2019, aiming to streamline the contract building process for developers by providing private network management, development tools, and contract templates.

The addition of the .NET environment into Morpheus Labs also includes the integration of Nethereum, the .NET integration library for Ethereum.

The full announcement by Morpheus Labs can be found at the following link: